The Best Lawn Horseshoes Game Set - All You Need to Know About NextClimb’s Durable Horseshoe Kit


There is an old saying that there is a blessing in movement (striving). While the physical movement is required to maintain a fit and healthy body, mental activity is also needed for your psychological well-being.


People involved in any type of outdoor sport prevent themselves from many physical diseases. Mental games also help to boost your thinking power which tends to reside with age. Both physical and mental health is necessary for young and adults, yet the best sport is the one which involves both. Such a sport is not only physical but involves mental exercise to enhance cognitive ability.


There are many games in which you can indulge to achieve the aforementioned goal, and the Lawn Horseshoe Game is considered to be the one.


Horseshoe Game


Horseshoe is a game played between two participants or two teams with a couple of members each. It is usually played on a lawn where the two stakes (throwing targets) are inserted in the horseshoe pit made of moist clay or sand. Each participant (or team) gets two horseshoes which are pitched towards the stakes. The player with the highest number of horseshoes encircling the stake wins the game.


Lawn Horseshoe Setup


Both the stakes are kept 40 feet apart, each protruding 15 inches from the horseshoe pit. The players stand on the pitching platform behind the foul line.


Historical Background


Horseshoe is similar to quoits game. The horseshoe game was first documented in the early 20th century but was a little different than the modern-day horseshoe game played today. Back in the days, the game was played with real horseshoe while today horseshoes are made of plastic or metal. Also, the stake was just protruded 2 inches from the ground as a rule which is changed to 15 inches now.


Benefits of Modern Day Horseshoe


There were many drawbacks associated with the metallic horseshoe game. Firstly, it was quite heavy to be lifted and secondly, the throw could injure anybody severely.


To overcome these drawbacks, the metallic horseshoe is replaced with the plastic or rubber one. This plastic or rubber horseshoe is not only easy to lift but does not cause severe injury too. Also, the plastic horseshoe is pocket friendly as it is cheaper than the expensive metallic horseshoe.


Problems with Modern Day Horseshoe


The problem with lawn horseshoes is that many companies in the name of low price sell horseshoes of cheap quality plastic. This cheap plastic is not durable as the pieces can quickly break. Also, they are difficult to pitch onto the ground or around the stake.


All these problems with the horseshoe must not let you stay away from playing the lawn game, because NextClimb has got your back. We can never compromise upon the quality of our products that has won the trust of our clients.


NextClimb's Lawn Horseshoe Set


NextClimb has now introduced its lawn horseshoe set that is best suited for young and kids to play the game indoor or in the backyard.


What are NextClimb's Horseshoe Set Features?


Our horseshoe kit includes a pair of blue and red horseshoes made of rubber that are soft and lightweight enough to be freely thrown.


The package also includes two sturdy steel spikes that are rust free and can be set up in any type of pit, either made of grass or clay. In contrast with the ordinary horseshoe plastic skate, the NextClimb's skate is unbreakable.


Additional Features and Benefits



Plastic stakes break if you try to push them into your lawn. Metal stakes can be set up in the grass, and the top is flattened to ensure the safety of family members while everyone is playing together.



Heavy metal horseshoes are dangerous and metal is too heavy for small children to throw. Rubber horseshoes won’t hurt anyone or break windows and they’re easy to throw. Go for it, kiddo!



Bright red and blue color horseshoes allow for easy scoring from far away.



This horseshoe set will still be rust-free after years of playing. The stainless steel horseshoe stake is coated in non-toxic anti-corrosion paint.



Because only the stakes are metal, the set is light and easy for children to carry themselves.


With NextClimb's Horseshoe Kit you do not need to worry about someone getting injured during the fun game or your skates breaking mid-way through the play. So do not waste time and add to cart this amazing horseshoe set on Amazon now!

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