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The Best Baby-Safe Egg Shakers

Noisy toys are a staple for any household with small children. So why do the majority of these toys contain dangerous products that can pose a serious health risk to our children? Unfortunately, it’s quite common for our children’s toys to contain dangerous parts, chemicals, and substances. Luckily, as parents, we are also quickly becoming more aware of it and making more educated choices as consumers.


The truth is, it’s horrifying when we look into the contents of our children’s toys. BPA and dangerous metals are just two amongst a whole selection of toxic substances that we can find in those seemingly harmless baby rattles that were given to us as a thoughtful gift.


During infancy, our children are going through critical periods of development, which makes it much easier for their health and development to be affected by toxic products. Chemicals can interfere with their hormonal development, brain development, and the nervous system - which is made all the more likely by their thin skin that can much more easily absorb chemicals. And that’s without considering how much our children put things into their mouths!


Egg shakers are a brilliant toy to amuse and entertain our children, whilst aiding them in various areas of development. There’s no reason for them to be harmful - there are egg-shakers that are 100% baby-safe!


In this post, we will discuss everything that mums need to know about this popular toy, what contents are often found inside, and the alternative, baby-safe choice.


What are egg shakers?


Egg shakers are an egg-shaped plastic toy with small pieces inside that make a rattling noise when the toy is shaken. This great children’s toy can provide endless play opportunities, as well as a great distraction during diaper changes.


They’re the perfect size for young children - the rounded shape makes it easy for babies to hold onto them, but they’re too big to fit inside their mouths. Choking hazards are one of our biggest concerns when buying baby toys, but correctly sized egg shakers luckily do not pose this risk.


And don’t tell your children, but, they’re not just for kids...they make a great addition to any adult musical band. Originally they were designed as a percussion instrument, so luckily we can have lots of fun with them too.


What are the benefits of egg shakers?


Aside from the hours of fun to be had with egg shakers, here are just a few more benefits that your child can get from these noisy toys.



Egg shakers provide our children with the perfect opportunity to socialize with both adults and other children. Sound is a great way to get your child’s interest and attention, and can be used to enhance tummy-time, sharing with siblings, and interacting with others.


Hand-eye coordination 

Babies can develop hand-eye coordination by locating, picking up, and shaking the objects. You’ll start to notice that your baby starts to hone in on their hand-eye coordination skills at around 6 months - providing them with toys that can help them to develop their coordination prior to this milestone is great for skill-building and learning opportunities.


Motor skills

Toys of different shapes and sizes help your children to develop important motor skills that teach them how to move and handle various objects. An egg shaker is the ideal addition to your selection of sensory toys.


Auditory skills 

Egg shakers can provide your baby with one of the first ways of learning about making sound and where it comes from. It can also provide them with their first musical experiences - and a love of music is important for children of all ages!


The contents of regular egg shakers


Regular egg shakers often contain toxic lead pellets. And with their brittle plastic, outer shells, it’s not that difficult for your baby to open the toy and come into contact with (or consume!) the contents.


Unfortunately, it’s very common for toys such as egg shakers to contain harmful or unknown metals - and as parents, we would have no idea if we didn’t do our research!


When ingested, lead is absorbed more easily by children than by adults and can cross their blood-brain barrier more easily too. This can result in lead poisoning and damaging effects on brain development.


From one mum to another - it really is that scary!


What is BPA?


BPA is a compound found in most of our plastic products - for example, toys, bottles, and children’s cups and plates. As adults, we aren’t affected by it so much, but with babies having more delicate skin, higher absorption rates, and small bodies, BPA can pose a big health risk.


The compound has been found by studies to be hormone-disrupting, which can pose a risk to reproductive health. It can also affect brain development and increase the likelihood of behavioral disorders and diabetes.


What makes our egg shakers different


NextEgg shakers are made with babies and concerned mothers in mind. They are safe for babies and made from materials that pose no risk to our children.


Contain Only Kid-Safe Beans

One of the best things about these egg shakers is that they contain dried beans only! They are so safe that you could open the eggs and cook the beans for your dinner. If the sturdy plastic does break, you can rest assured that there are only all-natural contents inside. Though it’s still important to keep these small parts away from curious mouths if the eggs were to open.


BPA-Free Plastic Shell

The plastic shell is BPA-free and made from ABS plastic. This means that our children have no risk of absorbing BPA, whilst also playing with a much more durable plastic that is less likely to break. We can rest easy whilst our children are biting on these egg shakers and throwing them around the room!


Textured surface

Most egg shakers are made from smooth plastic, which can be particularly hard for little babies’ hands to grip onto. Especially when drool and milk are added to the equation! NextEgg shakers have a textured surface to make it easier for your children to grip into their toy.


No branding

Most egg shakers have a logo or some sort of branding printed onto the outer case. NextEgg egg shakers have no branding printed on the toy to ensure that there is no ink to slowly rub off onto your baby’s hands and be ingested by them.


Different styles of egg shakers


The NextEgg egg shakers come in various options for you to choose from.


The opaque option includes a choice of blue, green, and red eggs to help your baby start to learn about colors. This is a great way to ensure that the toy stays interesting for longer than those first few baby months!


There is also a semi-transparent option - you can see for yourself that there are only safe contents inside the egg! Transparent egg shakers can be interesting for babies when they start trying to work out where the sound is coming from and how it is made.


The egg shakers come in packs of 3, 6, and 12 - never lose your baby’s much-loved egg shaker again! The more egg shakers the more fun. Again, this is a great way for your child to play with the toys as they grow - they can color-sort the eggs and share them with siblings and friends.




Don’t let your baby’s toys be another thing to add for your (very long) list of concerns as a mom! There are plenty of natural and healthy toys available for you, and by purchasing toys that you feel good about, you can more confidently let your baby play and explore the objects around them.


NextEgg egg shakers provide a super safe option for what will be one of your baby’s most loved toys! Egg shakers provide babies with a great sensory experience during infancy and can be used for various activities as they grow - meaning that your child’s interest in them will last for years to come.

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