Baby Safe Egg Shakers Amazon (No Metal Pellets)


Egg shakers are a fun toy for small children.


They can also be used as percussion instruments for adults, but when intended for use by kids the focus needs to be just as much on safety as with sounding good.


This is because egg shakers sometimes hold a rather dangerous secret inside... some contain unknown metal pellets!



Are these metal pellets made of lead? Is it buckshot? Nobody is really sure, and it may vary by company and manufacturer.


Baby safe egg shakers should not contain unknown metal pellets!


Even if these pellets are relatively harmless stainless steel or aluminum... they shouldn't be placed into the hands of children to shake around. If an egg breaks open, and the child has a habit of putting things into his or her mouth (as many children do) then parents run the risk of their child eating the contents of the egg.


Warning! Most egg shakers Amazon has to offer contain these unknown lead pellets.




Guaranteed Baby Safe Egg Shaker Set Sold On Amazon


This product needed to be created to give parents (who started to notice this safety issue more and more...) a kid-safe option.




These egg shakers come in packs of 3, 6, and 12, the shells are BPA-free.


Clear-plastic eggs allow parents to visually confirm that only natural dried beans are inside. (No lead pellets!)



Remember that not all toys are made to the same standard. Only some toys have been made kid safe with your child in mind...


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