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Best Anti Static Dryer Balls Amazon (Actually Anti-Static)

It's common practice to throw an aluminum foil ball in dryer to decrease static in clothing.
Usually, one would throw this aluminum ball in with their clothes in addition to some wool dryer balls, which help keep clothes from clumping in the dryer.
Even though most wool dryer balls Amazon has to offer will claim some level of "anti-static" properties, it's not really true.
They're just balls of wool (like your clothing) which doesn't do anything to decrease the static.
This is annoying when you expect dryer balls to decrease static in your clothes, but your clothes still have lots of static!
The best dryer balls on Amazon actually have anti-static properties mixed into their felted organic wool material.
Welcome the "Black Sheep" Which is the best anti static dryer ball available. (Anti-static properties have been added to the ball itself.)
The anti static "Black Sheep" dryer ball can be purchased alone, or in a pack with additional normal dryer balls, to aid with drying as normal.
No more aluminum foil balls in the dryer!
No more hoping and praying that a 'normal' dryer ball will decrease your static cling. (They won't!)
With less static in your laundry, you'll have less ironing to do and it will be easier to handle the clothing while folding and putting away.
With wool dryer balls static should not actually be decreased so much on it's own. There really does need to be some anti-static materials inside the ball in order for the balls to actually decrease static in your laundry.
The "Black Sheep" is currently the only type of anti static dryer balls available on Amazon. (If you don't like static, it's the best dryer balls for you.)
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