What BJ's Wholesale Club & Alibaba.com Have In Common - Great Selection But Lack Of Innovation NextClimb

What BJ's Wholesale Club & Alibaba.com Have In Common - Great Selection But Lack Of Innovation

Wholesale clubs like BJ's are great for buying well-known brands for discount prices, but not so great if you're looking to buy wholesale and resell at retail prices.


Alibaba.com has all the selection you could ever want sourcing products from China, but can you get anything that the whole world (all your competitors) don't already know about?


This is because, while BJ's is technically a wholesale market, you're not really buying for B2B prices that allow for enough margin to re-sell at a profit, unless of course you run the down-the-street Convenience Store where customers expect to pay twice the normal price to avoid a trip to the mall.


Alibaba.com offers "Buy Wholesale" options... but... well... everyone buys the same  goods on Alibaba, so margins are again squeezed and  you have no advantage over other buyers, no matter where you sell.


If the product costs $1 on Alibaba, it will be sold for between $5 and $10 practically everywhere... Amazon, other retail stores in your city, Walmart...


You need an advantage to increase your margins, and not just fancier marketing that magically "convinces" customers to spend more money.


How could you add more value to the product, so that everyone in the supply chain is happier?


Manufacturer > Wholesaler (NextClimb!) > Retailer (You!) > End-Consumer (Your customer!)


The trick is... sell a better product!


But... that's a nightmare, isn't it? Not so simple... eh?


Innovation is not so simple... (R&D costs, failed prototypes, sample costs, endless conversations with manufacturers...)


But what IS simple is buying from NextClimb. We're innovation experts, we listen to your customers, and we create products they'll love. (Pay more more!)


Well, if NextClimb does all that, they probably want to charge me a crazy price to buy their wholesale products, right?




1. Free samples are available. (Just pay $3.99 shipping) We lose money on each one, but you can buy with just a few clicks and test these "improved" products for yourself.


2. We keep it simple, adding inexpensive product features and benefits that only increase manufacturing costs 5-25% (2-3% of the end-consumer retail price)


3. You can buy basically any quantity you want, whether it's just 100 units or 100,000. (No MOQ)


You can buy wholesale on our website, like a normal "retail e-commerce" store, which is a very easy no-setup experience!


Send us an email, or buy with just with a few clicks. (The easiest wholesale buying experience ever.)


Then, enjoy the product-quality unfair advantage over every other retailer in your space... whether it's the shops in your town or the AliExpress dropshippers in your niche.

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