The Best Bota Bag - NextClimb's Leak-Free Bota Bags For a Stress-Free Hike! NextClimb

The Best Bota Bag - NextClimb's Leak-Free Bota Bags For a Stress-Free Hike!

NextClimb's Leak-Free Bota Bags For a Stress-Free Hike!


If you are surrounded by beautiful hills around then, of course, you know how to hike, right? Hiking is a fun hobby with a number of physical and psychological benefits. Yet this stress-free activity becomes tiresome if you do not have the right equipment with you -- and at the top of all, you do need a durable option to store the drinking water.


Ever heard of a bota bag? It is the best choice for carrying your liquid supply with you, whenever you are on the move.


What is a Bota Bag?


If you are fond of hiking, long-distance travelling, climbing, cycling, camping, or even fishing, then you know them already. If not, then we are here to make the task easier.


Bota bag (also popularly known as wine-skin, leather wine-skin, or bota wine bag) is basically a small shoulder bag suitable for carrying liquids. It has a shoulder strap of varying lengths which makes the liquid storing bota bag easy to carry anywhere, anytime.


Going back to history:


The word 'bota' was first noticed in the Spanish language between 1725-30 AD and it literally means leather bags.


Bota bags are part of traditional 'Spanish' culture and had been in use for many centuries. They were used initially to store wine when people wanted to travel long distances or to have a meet up outdoors.


What is it typically made of?


The traditional bota bag was lined with goat bladder or resins that provided it a leak-free interior.


Modern day bota bags are almost the same, with the exception of containing more refined goat leather. They have a plastic screw-cap on the top and a durable red string to go around the shoulder.


Problems with Modern Bota Bags


Although most of the companies claim to sell traditional styled durable and long-lasting bota bags yet, at the end of the day, they leak. The main reason is because of using cheap material underneath casing that is not able to keep the liquid locked within.


Why should you choose NextClimb Bota Bags?


At NextClimb, we always aim to leave our clients satisfied with the quality. Like every other product, our bota bags range is also of premium quality that you may not find anywhere else.


Tired of your bota wine bag because it leaks? We have a solution for it. We use a hard-shell casing underneath the traditional leather which, like a true plastic water bottle, never leaks!


Best Features:

Our water storing leather canteen has the following distinct features:


Water Storage

NextClimb bota bag stores 750 ml of water which is enough for long day hiking.


Premium leather

The leather we use for the bota bags is of premium quality which is strong and provides better water resistance against leakage.



Using extra durable materials, we have made our bota bags meant to last longer.


BPA-Free Bladder Liner

The inside bladder liner of bota bags is BPA and toxic free which does not cause adverse effects on health.


Comfortable Shoulder Strap

The shoulder strap is hand-made from leather and is thick and comfortable to carry.


How is NextClimb Bota Bag Different?


NextClimb's Bota Bags on Amazon are different from the rest because:

  • They are Leak-free: Our extra-thick solid BPA-free polyethylene flask liner NEVER leaks. Some companies do sell cheap bota bags that use a thin plastic bag that fails to hold a drink for long.
  • Has a Classy Outlook: Genuine leather pouch cover, thick brown shoulder strap, bright red stitching, and red bulls-horn artwork make this bota bag a realistic prop for theatre, historical reenactments, or just impressing your friends with its class.
  • Hassle-Free Cap: This “sports cap” pops open/closed in a second. No dangling cap-on-a-string that you need to unscrew every time you want a sip saving a lot of your time.
  • Your Beverage Stays Fresh: Water, wine, juice, and your favorite beverage taste exactly as they do out of a glass.
  • Ease of Holding: Our durable strap rests more comfortably on your shoulder than thin, uncomfortable ‘red string’ shoulder straps.
  • Money Back Guarantee: Incase our bota bag leaks, you can avail 100% money back guarantee for two years!



If you want your bota bags to have all these tremendous qualities, or on top of all, you don't want it to leak then do not waste your time looking for other options around. Check out the NextClimb's bota bags available on Amazon and book your order at pocket-friendly pricing now!

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