Bring the Galaxy to your Kid's Room By Decoring It With NextClimb’s Glow Stars NextClimb

Bring the Galaxy to your Kid's Room By Decoring It With NextClimb’s Glow Stars



Glow in The Dark Stars


Glow Stars are plastic stickers made of phosphorescent material that shine like real stars. Just peel their back layer off or stick them with the help of putty to create a mini galaxy look on the room's wall or ceiling.


Glow stars are equally loved by kids and teens. You must have bought them once in your life to give your kids bedroom a glowy decor. But if you're unsure of how to enhance the kids' bedroom look with these shining stars, NextClimb is here to help you out.


Following are some DIY home decor ideas to make your kid's bedroom shine like the galaxy:


1) Starry Sky

Shining stars stir every kid's imagination. If your child is fond of them too, try sticking NextClimb glow stars at the back wall and ceiling of their bed. Keep the stars distant, depending upon the size of the wall and it will create the feeling of sleeping under the real sky! 


2) Stars Rising Out of The Moon

Another decor that you can try with NextClimb glow stars is to pair them up with a crescent. Stick a neon crescent at the wall with NextClimb glow stars in between and around to create a calm comforting atmosphere.


3) Moon Made of Stars

As the NextClimb glow stars come in different sizes, you can also create a full moon or a crescent with these stars. Just keep in mind the structure you want and peel and stick the glow stars comfortably. Why buy an extra moon when you can do it with NextClimb glow stars at home?


4) The Galaxy

How does our galaxy look like, we only know through pictures. So bring on neon planets, shooting stars, and space shuttles to combine with NextClimb glow stars and create your own galaxy on the walls.


5) Good Night Theme

NextClimb glow stars can also be used for a good night theme decor. Create a good night cardboard at home and paint it with neon to glow in the dark. You can also draw neon painted figures to pair with the NextClimb glow stars and create the good night theme of your choice.


6) Star Garland

Another fun DIY decor that you can try for the room décor is to create a hanging stars garland. These hanging stars look great during the day and even better when glowing in the dark.



7) Glow Star Art

With 100 pieces of NextClimb glow stars, you can easily create whatever shape you want on your wall. Be it a fairy, a cartoon character, a big smiley, or your name, NextClimb glow stars can be used in a variety of different patterns to add a cool effect to your kid's room.




Why Choose NextClimb Glow Stars for Kids Bedroom Decor?


If you are tired of your glow stars that don't shine brightly and get dim with every passing day, you should give NextClimb glow in the dark stars a try. Our glow in the dark ceiling stars shine longer because they are designed with a proprietary mix of chemicals to ensure they glow powerfully bright all night!


NextClimb Glow Stars are a must-have in your kid’s bedroom because:


- They give a fairytale, magical appearance to the child's room

- Help expanding child's imagination by educating them about galaxies, stars, and planets

- They create a comforting ambiance for the child

- Induce a peaceful sleep and protect your child from nightmarish dreams

- Transform the dull, boring room into a glowy galaxy full of stars



Added Features and Benefits:



Our glow stars last for a long time so you can let them glow worry-free.

Strong Adhesive Power:

Strong putty adhesive gives the stars a strong grip on your ceiling.


Light peel-and-stick adhesive does not damage the paint on your walls.

Extra Putty:

Contains plenty of adhesive putty so you can use it again and again...and again.

Different Sizes:

They come in the Pack of 100 containing large, medium, and small stars

Easy Storage:

Our glow in the dark decorations include a chic carrying bag for you to keep the unused stars with ease!

Money-Back Guarantee:

They come with our exclusive lifetime guarantee, so you can use them completely risk-free!


With all these added benefits, what is holding you back from giving NextClimb glow-in-the-dark stars stickers a try? Click the "Add to Cart" button on Amazon and add some sparkle to your kids’ room. And believe us, your tiny human will love their room's new shiny look!




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