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Cheap Bulk Egg Shakers - Specially Designed To Be Kid Safe

For Music and Singing Time Events, you as a librarian need plenty of musical instruments that can fulfill the library's requirements. One of the most common musical toys that you require for your little learners is the Egg Shaker Toy. Like every toy that is present in the library, egg shakers have a lot of benefits in beginner's learning.


Benefits of Egg Shaker Toys in the Library:

  • Help the little learner to Learn, Grow, Create, Have Fun!
  • Help them to experiment with rhythm
  • Help to connect with friends and make new ones
  • Physically and psychologically, egg shakers are best to increase hand-eye motor coordination, develop auditory skills.
  • Give them the chance to get excited about music!


As a librarian, you have to make the right choice before buying any stuff. Not every egg shaker is good for your library that is why most of the librarians go through the following problems:


- Egg shakers are usually NOT safe:

An egg shaker has two parts: the outer plastic casing and inner sound-producing material that might be metal pellets or seeds. Most of the egg shakers available online and in stores use cheap plastic that breaks easily and is not BPA-Free. Such casing can easily break letting the inner pellets spread all over the library floor. Chances are that the little kids might put them in their mouth which is unsafe for their health. Also, the branding on the eggs fades away with time and its ink might stain the child's hands.


- Egg shakers are expensive:

 While running the library, it is necessary to buy everything in bulk to fulfil your needs. But buying a bulk of egg shakers in order to arrange a grand musical event for your entire library costs a lot of money when you have to pay the delivery fee as well.


- You need easy delivery:

 You as a librarian also need to look for a company selling egg shakers that can deliver the items to the library, or your home at an affordable price. Sometimes, delivery charges exceed that of the product's actual price and this is a serious problem for a public or school library.


Imagine that… most egg shakers are slippery, un-textured, fragile shells containing lead pellets, and we give them to our children to shake and play with!

In order to help you out of these problems, NextClimb has come to the rescue.


Why NextClimb's Egg Shakers Are the Best?


- Kid-Safe Beans

Every egg shaker we found used cheap lead pellets as the percussion material. This is not safe for the children, so we created a better alternative for you.

It is NextClimb's top priority to launch products that are safe for everyone's use. We at NextClimb never compromise on the kid's safety therefore our egg shakers are also safe for the kids to use. The NextEgg egg shakers are built with more durable BPA-Free ABS plastic, not brittle PP plastic. When you think of PP plastic, think of the bulk Easter eggs you repurchase each year that crack every time you pop them open. Many musical instruments are built with brittle PP plastic and quickly break as kids play. Also, we have replaced cheap metal pellets with beans that you can cook anytime any day for dinner!


- Low Price Bulk Pricing

You don't just need one dozen eggs. You need 100+ eggs! Buying this many eggs at retail prices, like those found on Amazon, gets unnecessarily expensive. When buying in bulk, your library should get a discount! Well, you've got a solution for that as well. Wholesale bulk pricing!  NextEggs are CHEAPER because they can be bought in bulk (120-pack, 240-pack, 480-pack, and 960-pack) for prices that are half the retail price on



- Free Shipping Anywhere in the USA


Shipping a big box of egg shakers is much cheaper than shipping many small packages of egg shakers to individual customers. Order from anywhere within the USA and enjoy free shipping from NextClimb.


NextEgg Features:

- Dried beans as the percussion material (No toxic lead!)


- Durable BPA-Free ABS shells will last for years (1.6"x 2.2" shell)


- Textured shell for a comfortable grip


- Ink-free to keep hands clean



We’re currently discounting the NextClimb kid-safe egg shakers so do not miss the chance. Whether it's the national library week or not, if you come under American Library Association then, of course, you're going to love them! Don't wait and add the bulk of shaker eggs in your cart now to enjoy free delivery.

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