Discount Wholesale Bulk Magnetic Vent Covers For Duct Cleaning Companies NextClimb

Discount Wholesale Bulk Magnetic Vent Covers For Duct Cleaning Companies

Ducts don't clean themselves, but without a strong suction your duct cleaning company can't clean them either!


When visiting a client, you don't know the layout, or air-tight quality, or their hone's HVAC system. All you know is that they need clean vents.


What's your solution? You can seal off the vents with blue tape... but if the home as 20-30 vents... that's a lot of time peeling-and-sticking... and a lot of tape that you need to remove when you leave.


How much fun in scraping adhesive gunk off of 20+ vent registers, with the client leaning over your shoulder to complain how you ruined the paint... NOT FUN!


Magnetic vent covers are a great solution for duct cleaning companies to seal off vents, but still you've got a few problems...


  1. Some magnetic vent covers are too thin, and they rip easily as you use and reuse them.

  2. Some covers aren't strong enough to stick to the ceiling.

  3. Retail prices for quality HVAC covers can get expensive! (They're meant for customers only buying 2-3 covers.)

  4. The vent covers are not the right size. (Some of your clients have BIG vents.)


What's the solution?


Thick High-Quality Vent Covers, At Low Wholesale Prices


Duct cleaning companies don't need 1 cover... you need 100 covers, and if you're running a chain of duct franchisees you'll need 1,000 or more!


If that's you, you don't want to pay retail prices.


With NextClimb, you have a wholesale option that solves every headache you dealt with before.


  1. Extra Thick Quality - Our floor vent covers are the thickest, most durable available. (You won't find a stronger magnetic grip anywhere!)

  2. Specially-designed "Ceiling" vent covers are also available. They're cut out in the middle, making them lighter with the same magnetic grip perimeter, so they seal the ceiling without falling off.

  3. Cheap wholesale prices! If you want 100 or 1,000 magnetic vent covers, just reach out to us, or buy with a few clicks.

  4. Pick a size! You can buy a mix of different size covers. Whatever you want!

  • 5.5"x12"

  • 8.5"x15"

  • 12"x12"

  • 24"x24"

  • Any custom size you want... we'll get it done!


If you need some wholesale magnetic vent covers at discounted bulk pricing, you've found the right shop.


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