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The Best Egg Shaker Toys for Babies

Egg shakers are a simple, thrilling percussion instrument that everyone can know how to play! It's great for musicians, recorders, and children to learn how percussion works. They are known as shakers because the way to make the sound requires shaking them, rather than striking them in the air. Most of them may also have a higher emphasis on specific beats.

Egg shakers are mostly a type of rattle, little plastics or wood rattles, egg-shaped filled with small metals, sand, or other sounding material. Like all rattles, it is as old as humanity and is one of the first instruments ever produced in human history. As a result, they are used in different types of music, especially folk music and indigenous music, all over the world.

An Egg Shaker is an instrument for hand percussion, which makes a sound when shaken. It's like a maraca functionally. The outer box or container is usually ovoid or shaped like eggs. It is partially full of small loose items, such as seeds or beads, that create the percussive sounds, both on the inside and with each other. The Egg Shaker is a cheap and relatively simple Latin American instrument.

You can play Egg Shaker in different ways. You can move it up and down to produce a simple rhythm or make a subtly different sound next to each other. It is also used in samba groups of drums, along with other drums, including maracas.

The egg shaker is made in two half by a plastic mold, the principal shape. One half filled with metal beads or seeds, and then the two halves are combined. You can make another sound by tightly holding the shaker in the palm of your hand, then opening it up and down.

Egg shakers also presented as a back tone that gives the song itself an aura. The two most popular ways of playing are to shake the egg-shaker up or down, make it a nearly closed hi-hat sound, or turn it around to produce the classic rattle-snake sound (similar to a xylophone) which can be perfect for making the song coincide better.

Egg shakers are most famous for use in Brazilian folk music, particularly samba, where they play an essential role in the iconic sound, and where you can give a samba a rapid tempo and affection, almost as if you're yourself in the carnival each time you listen to it. They are also commonly engaged in capturing all sorts of genres and styles by today's music producers around the world to give this delicate sound to the background, usually while performing traditional shows.

They don't need to be bought and can take to anywhere due to their size and quality because they fit into your pocket comfortably and do not need any upkeep or security. They are also a popular instrument for children because they are easy to use and are used in music classrooms around the world to educate children about music. As such, there are different items primarily designed for girls, with vivid colors and cheerful prints and popular songs that look well, more formal.

Egg shakers are available in many colors and priced at relatively cheap rates in most music stores, due to the use of affordable materials such as plastics and seeds. Sometimes they are bundled in boxes along with other related drums like maracas, tambourines, cymbals, etc.

Metal Pellets In Egg Shakers

As I mentioned earlier, usually egg shakers made up of plastic material. Both the edges made up of plastic joined together from the corners. For better noise production, most of the egg shaker producers fill the egg shakers with the metal pellets. The eggs filled with metal pellets are great for making high noise and echo than the other materials because the metal resonates more than any other content. This type of eggs is great for the musician who uses the egg shaker in their musical instruments as the echo produced by the metal pellets is tremendous and very loud to be used as a fascinating musical instrument.



The metal used in the egg shaker may be a toxic metal. This type of material is hazardous for health and can cause health issues. While playing with the egg shaker, sometimes, your children break that egg shaker made up of the metal pellets and may eat the metal pellets filled in the egg shakers. As the metal pellets are toxic for health, this can create a big issue with the physical strength of your children. Babies can eat those metal pellets whenever the egg got broken. This is a grave issue with the egg shaker that makes them a dangerous toy for the children.

But to reduce your stress about the musical egg shaker, we are here with our best musical egg shakers. NextClimb is here at this service with its best egg shaker toys for babies. We have reduced this problem of health issues with the egg shakers, as health protection is our first concern.

NextClimb has made egg shakers filled with the beans, which are safe for the health. Our eggs are strong enough not to break by the children. But if your children break the egg shaker, then not to worry about the beans as they are safer than the metal pellets. Beans made up of the materials that, if your children eat the beans, that will not affect the health of your children.

Moreover, we have both the egg shakers: opaque through which you can see what is inside the egg shaker and also other type called as visible egg shakers through which you can see what is inside the egg shaker. This is the best thing about our egg shaker that you can see what is inside the egg shakers and feel comfortable about the safe material inside the egg shaker toy.

Here are some of the features of our egg shakers:

  • Made up of the plastic
  • Filled with the beans which are secure for the health
  • Both opaque and visible egg shakers are available
  • Cheaply priced egg shaker
  • Best design of the egg shaker
  • Best color combination
  • Best for children to use as a toy
  • Also, best for the musicians to use as a musical instrument

So, taking into consideration the health of your children, you should buy the egg shakers filled with the beads instead of metal pellets. Moreover, the best color combination and safe materials used in the egg shakers are the best options. So, what are you waiting for go to the below link to buy the best egg shaker toy for babies:

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