The Best Egg Shaker Toys - Avoid Toys That Are Dangerous For Parents And Children

Egg shaker toys are fun to play with. (For both children and adult musicians)


But they might be dangerous. (Oops...)


Unknown metal pellets inside the egg shakers are not good for your children. (Especially as most egg shakers are quite easy to pop open.)


As a parent or a teacher, children are placed under your care.


Placing fragile metal-pellet delivery systems into their hands is like giving them lead-painted toys. (Not good.)


Too bad, you can only know that there are heavy-metals inside your egg shakers by breaking open an egg. (Or worse, one of your children breaks it open themselves first.)

There is an alternative. You can buy egg shakers that don’t have metal pellets inside.


NextClimb egg shakers are filled with kid-safe beans. Yes, beans, like the ones you would serve for dinner.


They aren’t dangerous, and you could actually crack open some eggs, put the beans in boiling water, and serve them for dinner. (Seriously better than lead pellet stone soup.)


Where can you buy them? Here, on Amazon. We designed them for you.


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