Ever Get The Wrong Number of Tiny Hands? NextClimb

Ever Get The Wrong Number of Tiny Hands?




Tiny Hands are great! You can use them in almost any funny situation. Use them with family, use them with friends, use them at home or even in public. Whenever you pull them out, they're guaranteed to give you laughs...until...you find a missing hand!

That's right, the case of the missing hand(s) has hit a lot of buyers! And it seems to be spreading! 

What are you talking about you mean?? I'm referring to something a lot of buyers are complaining about right now. That means, opening up your Tiny Hands box, all excited to finally get your goodies, only to find that 1 or 2 of the hands are missing in each pack??! Yes, and this seems to be happening over and over again to many customers on Amazon. Not only that, but they're finding they're hands are coming in different colors too, instead of being uniformly colored like they expected!

And that's where NextClimb's Tiny Hands come into play. ALL the Tiny Hands from NextClimb have SIX hands on each side (instead of the normal 5), so you have an extra hand if it's needed, AND, each and every pack has been specially check by a quality control team to ensure there are no missing hands, or color variety that are not requested.

Just when you thought you'd lost the joke for the day, Nextclimb's Tiny Hands come to the rescue. 


Check out our range of Tiny Hands here . 

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