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Expensive Chimney Draft Stoppers Don’t Fit Every Chimney


Chimney draft stoppers can save a lot of money in wasted heating bills. They stop hot air from escaping out of your chimney when you’re only trying to stay warm.


But, most chimney draft stoppers are made of cut felt. They also have a metal handle, and are hand-made individually. This makes a nice-looking chimney draft stopper, but it’s incredibly expensive, and cut felt pieces only fit one shape of chimney!


The solution: An inflatable balloon that fits ANY shape of chimney, and ANY size of flu up to 12 inches wide.



Using a balloon just makes sense because it can fit in any chimney, rather than being designed to fit only one type of chimney.


In addition, an inflatable flu draft stopper provides a much wider air barrier than a thin piece of felt. (Even if the felt is purposefully made 2-3 inches thick, it could never reach 12 inches!)


Of course, a huge benefit of this simplified solution is the cost: Compare less-that-$10 for 2 draft stoppers... vs. one draft stopper that costs $60+ and may not even fit! (We’re trying to save money here, right?)


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