Floating Water Lanterns that sink before the party is over? NextClimb

Floating Water Lanterns that sink before the party is over?


You just started your event and literally just launched your floating water lanterns into the nice little pond that provides the perfect background for your celebration. And suddenly one lantern sinks - and then another lantern - and another lantern... The setting that was just so nice immediately turned dark.

NOT with the UNSINKABLE FLOATING LANTERNS with Special Flotation Packet by NextClimb.



Don’t settle for floating lantern lights that sink even before the evening is over! Our water lamps are designed to float for days, not hours. And it’s all thanks to the special flotation packet at the bottom of every lantern that’s unique to our lamps.

We’ve complemented the unsinkable design with waterproof and flameproof paper for extra durability.

Wedding reception or garden party, evening graduation bash or holiday family get-together, these floating candle lanterns make the occasion extra special!

The magic begins when the sun goes down. The enchanting amber glow of the tea lights combines with the beautiful oriental styling to turn any water feature into a visual spectacle. Place the floating lamps in a pool or pond at your next party and watch it become the go-to selfie backdrop!

Go get your beautiful UNSINKABLE FLOATING LANTERNS now!

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