Fun Activities to Do with Parents and Kids in your Library NextClimb

Fun Activities to Do with Parents and Kids in your Library

Introducing 'Toyery' or a 'Toy Library' to your primary and elementary school library is a fun way to develop learning in younger children. While initially being tempted by the toys present in the library, kids can gradually develop the habit of reading books of various kinds whilst they grow older. Thus having toys in your school library or public library can do wonders to attract little learners and their parents.


Following are the fun activities that you can arrange for kids and parents at your library:


- Music Time: Librarians can introduce musical instruments like guitars, violins, or pianos for adults where they can enjoy playing the instruments and kids can dance and sing along.


- Story Time: Little students can be given an activity to make sound-effects to match with the story they hear from the library assistant or colouring activities related to the story they have just heard.


- Quiet Reading Time: If the parents are busy picking their kids after school time is over, students can quietly sit within the library premises to read their favourite book.


- Craft Projects: Make the parents and children go through the crafts book and provide them with the supplies to make on their own. This will keep them entertained for hours.


- Book Signing Event: Arrange the book signing events and let the kids connect with their favourite authors. Let them hear their favourite story straight from the author's mouth.


- Fun Home Projects: Libraries have several fun books. Let the kids explore them and encourage them to try the activities at home for instance making their favourite dessert at home.


- Science Experiment: Let the little scientists read about kids-safe scientific experiments that can be easily done with the assistance of their parents.


- Summer Reading Challenge: Run this challenge during vacations and encourage children to read a set of books. Later take a quiz and reward them with stickers and certificates.


- Help with the Homework: Library assistants can help the students to complete their homework after school time by exploring books related to their course.


- Playing Games: Have some board games at the library where students can come over the weekend to enjoy games and meet new people.


- Movie Day: Libraries can arrange movie days for different age groups monthly where they can watch popular movies with their friends and parents and discuss them later.


- Writing Contests: Run writing contests within the library premises and encourage kids to explore their creative side.


- Add the Small Toys: Nothing beats the importance of toys that are meant for young kids. One of the fun toys that libraries can use is the egg shaker toy that would be loved by the growing reader.


What is an Egg-Shaker?


An egg-shaker is a rattling toy that produces a musical sound when shaken. By using rhythm, egg shaker can help the young library visitors develop their early literacy skills.


Using Egg-Shaker Toy in Library


Egg-Shaker toys are being used in libraries as a story-time tool. They help the little learner in coordination and following directions. Also, they help in breaking down the words of the song into meaningful parts helping the child ready to read.


Are All Egg-Shakers Safe?


Well, the answer is 'No'. Many companies use lead pellets inside the low-quality plastic egg which if breaks can be ingested by the child.



Kid-safe Egg Shakers:


Parents want a kid-safe environment for their children, whether it is in a library or the playground. Egg shakers with beans inside are kid-safe, even if they break open and spill all over the library floor.


Try NextClimb Egg Shaker Toys and you'll never have worried parents scrambling to pick up metal pellets before their curious kid reaches for them!


Why Choose NextClimb's Musical Egg Shakers?



NextClimb shaker eggs are safe for the kids. Instead of beans, they contain metal pellets.



The egg shakers are built with more durable BPA-Free ABS plastic, not brittle PP plastic that breaks easily.


No Ink on Your Hands, No Logo On The Egg

Other egg shakers put their branding right on the egg. This ink wears away and gathers on the hands of the kids.


Buy in Bulk

The eggs are CHEAPER because they can be bought in bulk (120-pack, 240-pack, 480-pack, and 960-pack) for prices that are half the retail price anywhere on


So do not wait to add these amazing shakers to your cart. Order NextClimb's Egg Shakers on Amazon now and the little ones in your Library will surely love them!
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