Glow Stars That Glow A Little Brighter NextClimb

Glow Stars That Glow A Little Brighter

Glow stars are fun for kids to add as decorations into their rooms, but they're often not bright enough.


There's just not enough fluorescent chemicals inside the glow stars to create a bright enough glow. (This can be a let down, when your kids are expecting to see lit-up constellations in their room!)


Good news: Brighter glow stars are now available!


With the best chemical composition, and higher concentrations of these chemicals, it's possible to create a much brighter glow star, like these from NextClimb!



They're brighter, last longer, and are more impressive for you and your kids.


Also, they come in larger sizes than typical glow stars: Some in this multi-pack are a whopping 2.6 inches across!


For glow stars that actually light up as you expect them to, check out the NextClimb glow stars pack on

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