High Margin Retail Products - New Wholesale Products NextClimb

High Margin Retail Products - New Wholesale Products

How can you increase margins in wholesale?


  1. Improve logistics efficiency - Ship more SKUs together in larger full-container quantities.
  2. Negotiate - Get better prices from suppliers and sell for higher prices to retailers or end-consumers.
  3. Sell higher-markup products - Use software to scan marketplaces looking for products with the highest spread.


Plugging a list of UPCs into Software can help you find these higher-margin products, but what if there was an easier way?


What if your wholesale supplier actually invented new product that retail buyers and end-consumers happily pay a higher price for?


If those products cost about the same (just 10-20% more) to buy, but you can then sell them for 10-20% more to your own customers, your bottom-line profits have been increased by a lot.


 Original Buy Price $1
Original Sell Price $5
Unchanging Operating Costs $3
Original Profit $1


 New Buy Price $1.20 (+20%)
New Sell Price $6 (+20%)
Unchanging Operating Costs
New Profit $1.8


Profits are almost doubled, because your wholesale supplier made a small product change that increased production costs by 20%, and added 20% value to the end customer.


Sometimes, this small change increases profit margins much more... sometimes end-customers are happy to pay twice as much!


And, it makes sense. If the choice is between "$5 junk or a $10 working product" ... which would you pick?


Where can you find these higher-margin wholesale products?


Here, of course, on NextClimb's store.


First, get a free sample. (Just pay $3.99 shipping to receive it.)


Then, buy with a few clicks from our wholesale catalogue. All prices include free shipping to any USA address.)


Buying couldn't be easier, just a few clicks like any normal e-commerce checkout.


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