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How to Fit a Double Order of French Fries into 1 Fast Food Basket

The fast-food business is the only industry that is growing rapidly especially in the USA. They are successfully booming because of their quick service, convenience stores, and drive-thru restaurants. During the times of Covid, fast food businesses are also growing because of their instant and hygienic deliveries when people cannot go out of their homes.


For dine-in options, the ambiance of the fast-food restaurant really matters and on top of that, the importance of crockery and cutlery cannot be denied.


Presentation matters and it is true for all the restaurants having the dine-in option. The same is true even if you are serving the guests at home. Even before the food is served, the arrangement and the kind of tableware is what grasps our attention. For a great dining experience, you have to choose the tableware smartly to go with your dishes.


French fries and mandatory as a side dish in almost every fast-food chain. Although potato fries were originated in 19th Century Belgium, America has made them a fixture in casual cuisine. Businesses have to make sure that their fries remain crispy from the outside with pillowy inside but it is also important that they are served in the best possible way. Potato fries must look appetizing as well as taking less space when served.


For serving this mandatory side dish, most of the fast-food restaurants use food baskets to carry the meals but not all food baskets are worth using.


Problem with Fast Food Basket


Fast food owners need to buy a bulk of food baskets that fulfill all the needs yet some baskets available widely are not durable. They are made of cheap plastic that breaks easily. Thus you have to buy the baskets over and over again which is not good for your pocket.


Also, they do not have much space to carry a full meal in a single go, and most of the fries spill out creating a bad impact on the diners.


Fitting a Double Order of French Fries into One Basket


To fix the space problem of the food basket, you can try the following methods:


  1. Lay firm paper napkins along the outer edge to extend the walls higher.


  1. Place a BIG napkin in the basket, add fries, then staple the corners together so that the fries are stacked in a ‘sack-shape’ that the customer opens at their table.


  1. Disorganized fries don’t stack well. Stack the fries in parallel so that no airspace in the basket is wasted. (No random zig-zag fries)


Tired of trying these methods too? Why not buy a food basket that is economical, large, and durable at the same time? Yes, you heard it right! Try NextClimb's extra-large restaurant baskets that will give you a sigh of relief.


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