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How To Fix A Loofah That's Falling Apart

Loofahs are great for scrubbing off dirt in the shower. They lather up a lot of soap, and they fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.


But, there's a major problem with loofahs...


They Fall Apart!


unraveled loofah


Typical loofahs (loofa, shower poofs, scrubbers... whatever!) are tied with a rope that holds them together. Unfortunately... the tying job usually isn't so good, and the rope is kinda slippery, so within a few months your loofah is looking like a beached jellyfish.


Here are some ways to fix your unraveling, or unraveled loofah...


1. Re-Tie It With A Stronger Knot


One of the major reasons loofah's fall apart is that they aren't tied with a good "sailors knot" but just a simple knot like the clove hitch. These simple knots are quick to tie but loosen easily with use.


101 Knots


Re-tying any kind of "non-slip" knot will prevent the loofah from falling apart. Loofah string can be kinda slippery, so here's a fishing knot you can use. Wrap the loop around the center of your loofah, and not around a fishing lure! (Of course)


Net Knots


2. Tie With Anti-Slip Shoelaces


Loofah string is usually verrrrrry slippery. Sometimes you can feel it slipping as you scrub, and you know the end is near for your dear bath pouf.


Replacing this string with non-slip shoelaces (or other type of non-slip string) will keep your loofah together much longer than the slippery string that comes on most loofahs.


non-slip shoe laces


As a bonus, you can also make the hanging loop as long as you want!


3. Use A Wash Cloth Instead!


Of course, the simple solution if loofahs are causing you a headache when you're meant to be able to relax in peaceful shower bliss... use something else!



Wash cloths, scrubber mitts, shower brushes, silicone body scrubbers, volcanic stones... it's your shower! Your rules!


4. Buy A Bulk Pack


If you know that your loofah is going to fall apart after a few weeks, and you don't mind storing those extra loofahs in your bathroom, then just buy a bulk pack!



You'll find 20-packs of cheap loofahs for $12.99 or less on Amazon! (Stocking stuffers for friends and family, anyone?)


5. Sew The Loofah Together With A Needle And Thread


If you've just had it with shower puffs falling apart, and you have some basic sewing skills, poke  a needle through the center of your loofah a few times from different angles. Then, tie off the thread with a knot and voila! The only way that loofah is coming apart is if you tear it apart on purpose.



You can make the Gordian Knot of loofahs if you want. You can even sew it 10-20 times, wrap the thread around the entire center, and then sew it some more. It won't bother you in the shower, because the thread will be hidden deep inside the loofah.


If you don't want to sew yourself... you can get a pre-sewn loofah from NextClimb.


These loofahs do not fall apart like normal loofahs will.



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