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How to Get Floating Water Lanterns to Float For Longer

If you are a Disney fan then you must have seen 'Tangled'. One of its most adorable scenes was the one with floating lanterns and we are sure that you enjoyed its beauty too.


Also known as River Lamp or Lake Lamp, Floating Lanterns make the water look like the sky full of stars. These are symbolic of life and new beginnings and make any festival more romantic. Especially in Chinese culture, setting lanterns to fly and float is thought to bring peace, good fortune, and prosperity.


The use of flying and floating lanterns can be traced back to thousands of years when the Han Dynasty of China used them as the source of light and to send military signals to longer distances. Nowadays their significance is just limited to cultural and religious celebrations in Asia and around the world where there is a majority of people of Asian descent.


If you are a travelholic then you must have participated or want to participate in the cultural festivals involving lanterns. In Buddhist culture, Full Moon Lantern is a big event that is held on the 14th day of the lunar calendar. Across the city of Hoi An (Vietnam), Electricity is turned off and the entire city is lighted up with the help of lanterns. Visitors and locals set the lanterns to float on the river with the hope of bringing comfort and happiness to their lives.


Whether you believe the traditional theories of other cultures or not, using floating water lanterns is everyone's dream. Setting them on the water and watching them covering long distances till they seem like a tiny star gives a special type of joy. Also for decoration purposes, people in the USA use them to beautify the pools and ponds or for outdoor party decor.


Lantern lovers are always searching for a good floating water lantern but cannot prevent the problems common with the majority.


Problems with Widely Available Floating Lantern:


The majority of the floating water lanterns sink within an hour when placed in water. This is due to the water soaking the paper. Furthermore, the candles are too small that they extinguish before the lantern sinks.


How to Prevent the Sinking of Floating Water Lanterns:


  1. Tie multiple lines of fishing lines going across your pool, then place the lanterns on the fishing line.


  1. Place a piece of wood under each lantern. The lanterns sit on the wood. (The wood floats)


  1. Cut up a piece of foam or styrofoam and glue them to the bottom of the lantern.


  1. Or buy the lantern that floats and burns for hours!


NextClimb's Floating Water Lantern: NextClimb is proud to launch its new product that works best in every season. Try our Floating lanterns with air pockets glued underneath that prevent them from sinking for days!


Why NextClimb Water Floating Lanterns Are the Best?


FLOAT FOR DAYS: Unlike others that sink just a few hours in, our water lanterns come with a special flotation packet added to the bottom of every lamp. This allows the decorative candle lanterns to float for days without getting waterlogged or sinking and keeps the beautiful décor turning heads for that much longer.


BIGGER CANDLES BURN LONGER: Included candles are twice the size of the small tea lights included with most floating lanterns.


QUALITY YOU’LL LOVE: No dealing with floating candle lamp sets that come wrinkled, torn, or with unraveled sides. All of the floating paper lanterns are individually packed, each tea light is wrapped separately, and the floating pool lights are made using high-quality waterproof and flameproof paper for impressive durability.


MAKE YOUR EVENT STAND OUT: Whether you’re having an outdoor wedding, an evening party by the pool, or just looking to spruce up your garden’s pond, these floating candle lights punctuate any space with a romantic atmosphere. Every set comes with 10 floating light lamps designed in elegant gold and white, each with its own tea light, and measuring 6” x 6’ x 6”.


100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We love it when our customers are beyond thrilled. That’s why we’ve backed our floating pond lights with a total satisfaction guarantee. Reach out to us in case of any issues or questions and we’ll quickly do all we can to make you smile.


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