How To Increase Magnetic Strength Of Your Magnetic Vent Covers

Magnetic vent covers are used to block heat from entering rooms that you're not using, like a spare guest room, and instead focus that air in rooms of the house where you want heat.


But sometimes, those magnetic vent covers just aren't strong enough to grip your HVAC vents once the heat is turned on.


Some covers will just float away!


So, how do you solve this problem? Here are potential solutions so that you can stay comfortable and warm while keeping your heating bills manageable.


1. Add Adhesive Sticker Dots Onto The Bottom


Especially if you're renting, you don't want to get adhesive gunk all over your HVAC registers, but a little low-tack adhesive (similar strength to a Sticky Note) may be all you need to give your covers extra gripping strength.



Make sure to pick "Low-Tack" adhesives that are easy to apply and remove. Don't super-glue your vents shut!


2. Add Some Weight On Top


For vents on the floor, gravity can be your best ally. Just put something on top of the vent cover, like one of those mini-rugs for the stairs, and it should be locked in place.



3. Buy Small Extra Magnets To Put On Top


If you need more magnetic strength to grip your metal vent registers, extra magnets are a pretty clear option. If you have some magnets lying around the house, either ferrous or neodymium magnets, just place them along the perimeter of your vent cover.


The force will reach through the cover to help grip the metal.




4. Double Up!


If 1 cover isn't thick enough to provide the necessary strength to fight your HVAC system's air pressure, then 2 covers may do the trick!


The covers are flat, so lying one down on top of the other is easy, and the extra thickness means double the magnetic strength and double weight pushing down on your vents.


And... if two isn't strong enough... add a third! (Most magnetic vent covers are sold in 3-packs anyway.)



In addition to these ideas, we sell Double-Thickness Extra Magnetic Vent Covers that grip floor vents with extra strength.


They come in different colors that match your floors, and different sizes to match your vents.


Better yet, they're FREE + $3.99 shipping!



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