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How to Make Your Chef Hat Fit Adults

While standing in the kitchen wearing a tall hat, white coat, and white apron, the chef looks like the epitome of professionalism and cleanliness. Many of the chefs might skip their usual uniform but the white hat on their head is a must in all cultures.


Chef's hat had been known in the past as toque that is an Arabic derived word meaning 'hat'. This hat is necessary to maintain cleanliness in the kitchen. It helps to keep the hair neat, tidy in the kitchen's hot surroundings and out of the food being cooked.


Back in time, the height of the toque was used to represent the status of the chef. The taller the hat, the more skillful the chef was. Fortunately, nowadays the chefs are not supposed to carry that big hats, yet their hat related problem is much huge:


Problem with the Chef's Hat:


Many of the companies selling hats for the chefs do not realize that they will be used by adults too. They are so small in size that they look like more of a kid's costume than a perfect fit for the adults. Furthermore, they also lack elastic bands for adjustments.


What to Do With a Miss-Fit Chef Hat?


Have you got a small-sized chef hat? Here are some of the ways that you can try it out:


  1. Take a cardboard and cut it in a circle. Use the cardboard circle to keep the hat open. In this way, you can rest the hat on your head without it falling off.


  1. Attach the hat to a hairband, then tilt it to the side for a funny adult look. You also would joy be required to carry the burden of looking professional in this way.


  1. If it still does not fit, gift it to your kids! (They’ll have more fun with it than you, probably).


  1. Throw it away and try something especially made for you! We know where you'll find it!


NextClimb's Chef Hat - Hat that Properly Fits!


You thought about it and we heard it! Why spend dollars trying out cheap-looking smaller-sized chef hats when NextClimb is here to rescue!

The NextClimb Extra Large Chef Toque Hat is the perfect professional chef’s hat for any size head. This classic white hat has an adjustable fastening band in the back that can be expanded to 60cm in circumference or a US hat size of 7 1/2. The hat is a 65% polyester / 35% cotton blend, making it comfortable and easy to wash.


This toque chef hat was consciously constructed to be reusable, making it environmentally friendly and saving you money. Whether you’re catering meals, cooking at a restaurant, baking for a competition, or just heading off to a Halloween party, this is the hat for you! Just throw in the wash with like colors and tumble dry low, so your hat is clean again and ready for the kitchen!




Adjustable size: 60cm in circumference, or a US hat size of 7 1/2 inches.

Material: 65% polyester and 35% cotton

Color: White

Package Includes: 1 Chef Hat





LARGER DIAMETER FITS ALL HEAD SIZES: This classic white Chef Toque hat has an adjustable elastic band in the back allowing the hat to expand to 60cm in circumference, or an extra-large US hat size of 7 1/2. Perfectly sized for larger heads!


TRADITIONAL CHEF HAT: A perfect fit for at-home chefs and professional culinary artists.


SOFT AND BREATHABLE: In a hot kitchen, a hat that provides breathability and comfort is a necessity. This chef's hat is made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton material, a combination that feels soft and smooth on the skin while allowing your head to breathe.


REDUCE, REUSE, REWASH: A reusable hat means reducing waste, which is better for the environment. To clean, simply toss in the washing machine with like colors, then tumble dry low. The hat folds easily and is compact enough for travel.


PERFECT FOR MANY OCCASIONS: Make sure you look the part whether you have a couple of Michelin stars under your waist apron or you’re headed to a Halloween party. The pleated hat makes it clear that you’re the chef in charge!


And what's more exciting is that WE JUST ASK YOU TO PAY YOUR SHIPPING / HANDLING TO RECEIVE A FREE SAMPLE (JUST $3.99 US) and nothing else!


Count on the NextClimb Chef Hat for instant professionalism and comfort. Click 'Add to Cart now and enjoy our no-q
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