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Innovative New Products At Wholesale Prices

"Buy Low Sell High" is the name of the game for wholesalers.


Whatever you trade in, whether it's home goods, electronic appliances, or cell phone screen protectors, you're always looking for a spread between your supplier's price and a retailer willing to buy your products.


But, what if you could increase the spread (your take-home profit) simply by buying different products?


By different, I mean buying products that cost about the same to produce, but can be re-sold for 50-100% more than their standard "commodity" substitutes.


For example, take this Loofah.


Having convinced the manufacturer to add sewing thread into the middle of the Loofah, the product does not fall apart. (a common problem for "normal" loofahs)


Because of this, the produce can be re-sold to wholesale customers for 1.5X to 2X the normal wholesale price, and these retail customers will be able to again sell this product for a higher price to end consumers.


How much does the product price increase for you as a wholesale buyer?


Not Much Price Increase!


The improved product is just a few pennies more expensive to buy than a "normal" loofah, but the increased retail sales price (and value) makes higher profit margins possible for all members of the supply chain, and a better experience for the end consumer!


Even better than a 1-time "hot" product... what if your supplier was continually improving the products they sold, so that you could buy a new "hot" product every 6 months, without changing suppliers or cold-calling new vendors?


Well, that's where NextClimb Innovative Wholesale comes in...


  1. 80% + Gross Margins (Higher than usual due to unique value-added products.)

  2. Higher Conversion Rates

  3. Marketing Materials Provided

  4. Ship To USA and International Markets

  5. Low 100-Unit Minimum Orders & Free Samples

  6. Long-Term Growth, Endless New Product Releases


Don't just buy "commodity" wholesale products. Buy something new and unique that gives you a competitive advantage and higher margins.


Send us a message, or buy with just a few clicks like a normal e-commerce store, today!


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