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Magnetic Key Holder Clouds - Adhesives Can Ruin Your Walls

Magnetic key holders are a lifesaver when you don’t want to drill into the walls of your home.


Maybe you’re renting and your landlord won’t let you install a key holder with screws. Maybe you’re not so handy with the screwdriver, or you worry about decreasing the value of your home.


Whatever the reason, adhesive key holders are a potential solution.


BUT... you may still end up damaging your walls! Some adhesives are too strong and can rip your paint... Other adhesives are too weak, and the key holder falls off the wall.


Everyone’s walls are different, so the obvious solution is to include multiple adhesives with each magnetic key holder.



  1. Popular 3M Tape (Sold with most key cloud holders)
  2. Low Tack Tape - For painted walls or finished wood surfaces.
  3. Microsuction tape (mini suction cups) for smooth surfaces - It never leaves residue, because there is no adhesive! Only a sheet of small suction cups pulling a vacuum on your wall.
  4. VHB Tape - “Very High Bond” CAUTION! This tape is incredibly strong and permanent, even on rough wood or unfinished surfaces.


With multiple choices of adhesive, you know that you can put this magnetic key holder anywhere you want.


You can remove it, or move it to a new location without damaging your walls (Choose Low-Tack or Microsuction Cup Adhesive)


Or, you can lock it in place, probably stronger than screws, using VHB (“Very High Bond!”) Tape.


Your walls, your choice: Available on Amazon.

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