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The Best Magnetic Strips With 3M Adhesive That Won’t Let Your Décor Fall Off

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Having your walls adorned with decorative material is always in trend. Placing floating shelves, hanging a piece of art, or simply giving a color to your walls with a classical wallpaper can do the task. With a little effort, you can turn your bare looking walls into a masterpiece.


But what happens when you try to give your interior a new look by replacing the old decor? Any painting hanged with iron-nail would have damaged the wall from within. In most cases, an internal pipe could be pierced unknowingly, damaging the whole ductwork. If not that, your paint is certainly going to be scratched or chipped off.


All these problems do give you heartbreak but never let go of your desire for a beautiful looking home just because of the fear of damaging the wall. As modern problems need modern solutions, this is why magnetic strip tapes are developed to keep the walls safe and the house beautiful.


Magnetic Tape


Tired of fixing nails or drilling holes? Magnetic tape will give you a sense of relief. It is made of a flexible magnetic material with a peel and stick surface on the other side. It can be glued on any surface whether a wallpaper, stone, wood or tile.


How to Use Magnetic Tapes


Magnetic tapes come in a roll and can be easily cut into desired shapes with scissors. The self-adhesive magnetic tape works best for metals but you can also use it for non-metallic non-magnetic objects. Simply stick the two magnetic strips over each other and it will do the work.


Usage of Magnetic Tapes


Magnetic tapes can be used for many purposes including:

  • Decorating walls, windows, and doors
  • Sticking pictures on any surface
  • Pasting reminder notes on the door
  • To make DIY fridge magnets
  • To paste fun cut-out shapes during presentation or training
  • To create labels on sale racks and shelves
  • To mount letters and alphabets on walls for kid's learning


Problems with Self Adhesive Magnetic Tape


With its need and multiple applications, self adhesive magnetic tape roll is being made and sold by many companies. But most of them do not work well due to the following reasons:


Weak Magnet

If the magnet used is of low quality and has poor strength, the magnetic strip tape will be of no use. It will not be able to stick any metal object or will make them eventually fall off.


Weak Adhesive

The peel and stick base of magnetic tape roll is crucial in sticking to any surface. Even if the strip contains a strong magnet, it will be of no use if the adhesive surface is weak.


To bring the most out of this handy discovery, you do need a self-adhesive magnetic tape that does not have the above-mentioned problems. For this, feel free to try NextClimb’s Magnetic Tape that you will never regret buying.


NextClimb's Magnetic Strip Tape


NextClimb has now introduced magnetic tape made of a strong and thick magnet. Our self-adhesive 3M magnetic tape is specially designed to grip the metal objects and walls strongly.


Why NextClimb Magnetic Tape?


Stay Flat Heavy Duty Tape Strips

The NextClimb Magnetic Tape Strips have improved the strength of both the adhesive and the magnet. Heavy-duty 2mm rubber magnets have been combined with trusted and strong 3M adhesive tape to create a lightweight magnetic strip that will fulfill all your needs. Each strip measures 1 in. wide x 5.8 in. length x 2mm thick. Most magnetic strips are sold in a roll, which permanently curves the magnet. NextClimb adhesive magnets are sold in strips to ensure the magnet will stay flat and adhere to surfaces longer.

adhesive magnetic tape strips roll amazon


The Perfect Solution

The Magnetic Tape Strips can be used to hold light items using the adhesive side or turn it around to hold small magnetic products. The adhesive sticks great on plastic, metal, concrete, tiles and, more. They are the perfect solution for home, business, or school. Hang postcards, calendars, and important back to school information on the refrigerator, display kid’s art and crafts in the classroom, or mount temporary notices at the workplace.

adhesive magnetic tape strips roll amazon


Stay Organized

De-clutter your life by using the strong magnetic strips to keep things in their place, whether it’s on your desk or around the home. Each pre-cut strip can easily be cut further to a smaller size so it can accommodate a variety of uses.

adhesive magnetic tape strips roll amazon



Count on the NextClimb Magnetic Tape Strips to simplify your organization.


Don't worry about having a messed up decor and try NextClimb Extra Magnetic Tape Strips to secure things in place.


Your favorite product is just a single click away! Order NextClimb Magnetic Tape on Amazon now!

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