NextClimb Magnetic Vent Covers for Floor, Wall and Ceiling: The Best on Amazon NextClimb

NextClimb Magnetic Vent Covers for Floor, Wall and Ceiling: The Best on Amazon

If your home or office has a central heating and cooling system then you must have come across multiple vents. Vents can be found everywhere: on the floor, at the wall or/and on the ceiling. These vents are fundamental in the distribution and intake of air in order to maintain even temperature for a comfortable indoor environment.


All the vents or air registers present in the buildings are covered with standard grilles made up of metal or plastic. These covers are help keep the objects from falling into the vents so that they may not destroy the internal components of the HVAC system. Furthermore, they are also important in directing the flow of air coming out of the vents.


Besides these basic vent covers, there are others available in the stores that can be used to cover a wide range of needs. Wooden vent covers are more decorative than metal covers but are quite expensive. If you're more into aesthetics then decorative vents are also an option.


With vent registers, the best option for blocking all airflow is to use  magnetic vent covers. Placed on top of metal vent registers, they block the air coming out of the vents entirely, saving money on the energy bills.


Difference between good and bad magnetic vent covers:


Not all magnetic vent covers are strong enough to stick upon the metal grilles of vents. Often the companies use low-quality, weak magnets that are thin and don't seal the vents properly.


The magnetic vent covers by NextClimb Store offer double, thick magnetized material that sticks to the vents with twice a strength. Thus the thicker magnets are heavier to keep the vent covers securely in place.


You might be thinking that such magnetic vent covers being heavier are not good for the wall or ceiling. Don't worry because NextClimb has introduced ‘framed’ magnetic vent covers specially designed for side walls and ceilings. The covers come with both thick and thin frames of strong magnets around the edge, with an only light thin magnet in the middle.


Have a look at the types of NextClimb Store's Magnetic Vent Covers here:


Magnetic Vent Covers For Floor:

NextClimb's magnetic vent covers designed for floors are without any frame. With double weight, they grip the floor with twice the strength. You can buy them in different sizes and colors to cover all types of floor vents.




Magnetic Vent Covers For Wall: 

NextClimb's magnetic vent covers designed for walls have a thick frame. Without compromising on quality, they contain lightweight magnets to protect the walls. Purchase them in any size or color that best suits your vent.




Magnetic Vent Covers For Ceiling:

NextClimb's magnetic vent covers designed for ceilings have a thin frame. They are lightweight but grip the ceiling with tight strength. Suited for all vent types on ceilings, you can purchase them in different sizes and colors.



NextClimb magnetic vent covers remain securely in place to seal off the airflow completely. The long-lasting and durable covers are now available on Amazon so shop your favorite NextClimb Store now!

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