NextClimb Store's Magnetic Vent Cover Is What You Need To Save Money On Heating! NextClimb

NextClimb Store's Magnetic Vent Cover Is What You Need To Save Money On Heating!

Are you trying to keep all the heat out from one of your rooms but can't find any solution? Do you want the A.C vents to be covered in Winter to cut-off your electricity bill? NextClimb Store is here to get all your vents covered!


What are Vents? 


The two components that compose the home's HVAC system are an air conditioner and furnace.


These HVAC systems have ductwork, which distributes air throughout the rooms in your home, and vents, that regulate the amount of air in a room. Thus, vents are necessary to maintain a suitable and comfortable indoor environment. 


Why cover vents? 


We do not need the HVAC vents open throughout the year. Home energy experts suggest keeping the vent closed when you do not need it in any of your rooms so as to get the maximum output in the rooms you most frequently use. 


During this time, you can trust the NextClimb Magnetic Covers ! 


What are NextClimb Magnetic Vent Covers? 


There are three types of vent-covers: basic, decorative, and magnetic.


The basic vent covers are metal or plastic grate with a lever to open and close the vent.


The decorative ones come in various colors and designs to go with the home decor.


Both of them are easy to install but are not preferable when you want your vents to be completely closed. For this, you need magnetic vent covers. 


The NextClimb magnetic vent covers perfectly fit on the floor vents and are users’ choice for a wide range of benefits they provide:

  • They cover the vents with a durable protective seal
  • Easy to install and remove due to their magnetic power
  • Installing our covers increases home's HVAC system efficiency
  • The magnetic nature helps to seal the existing vent covers to control the airflow.¬†
  • Airflow from unused vents is easily blocked, thus causing a reduction in the energy cost of heating and cooling systems.¬†



Why Choose NextClimb Magnetic Vent Covers?  


Despite a number of benefits provided by almost all magnetic vent covers, the NextClimb Magnetic Vent Covers stand out. Firstly, most of the magnetic vent covers are not strong enough to be long-lasting. (The main reason behind this is the use of weak magnets that they are cheaper.)


NextClimb company can never compromise on quality, therefore, we use extra strong magnets. The stronger the magnets used, the stronger is the sticking power of the vent covering sheet, and the more money you save by fully sealing off unused rooms.


Colorful Vent Covers:

Not sure if the NextClimb Magnetic Covers will match your floor? We are pleased to announce the range of colors we provide for your magnetic cover sheets! 


Currently, we are providing magnetic sheets of colors in Brown, Beige, Woodgrain, and Black that will complement your floors and hide the vents in a way that nobody can tell what you have hidden! 


So, what are you waiting for? Contact us to buy your NextClimb Magnetic Vent Covers now!


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