The Best Flat Magnetic Tape – Adhering to the Surface Firmly NextClimb

The Best Flat Magnetic Tape – Adhering to the Surface Firmly


Have you ever forgotten to do an important task just because your sticky note fell down and got lost somewhere? Does your hanger take more space in the cupboard than your actual hangings do? Or, you always lose your spoons and knives and never find them in place?


All these problems can be solved with one thing, a magnetic strip. Get rid of those huge hangers and cling your clothes with metallic hooks that can stick anywhere with the help of magnetic tape. With this strong magnetic strip, your cutlery will remain highly organized while you don't have to worry about forgetting anything because your memos will always remain within your reach.


What are magnetic tapes?


Magnetic tapes may look small but encompass a wide range of benefits making our life easier. The tape usually comes in a roll with a strong flexible magnet on the surface with a peel and stick adhesive at the back.


How to use self adhesive magnetic tape?

The application of magnetic tape is easy but needs certain steps to be followed:


  1. Clean the Surface: The first step is to remove any dirt, stains, or old glue from the surface you wish to stick the magnetic tape on. After cleaning, dry the surface completely.
  2. Make Sure the Surface is not Painted: The magnetic strip sticks well on the painted surface too but as the adhesive is quite strong, it can chip off the paint easily.
  3. Measure, Mark, and Cut-off: Measure the tape according to your desired object, mark it with a pen and cut it off with metallic scissors.
  4. Peel off the Back: Now peel off the back layer of the tape so the adhesive part comes out. Make sure the adhesive does not roll back to its original shape (in case you have a magnetic tape roll).
  5. Stick the Adhesive Part on Surface: Press the adhesive part on the desired surface slowly making sure no air bubbles are trapped between the tape and the surface.
  6. Rest before Sticking the Object: Once the adhesive is properly glued on the surface, let it sit for some hours before mounting any object upon the magnet.


Magnetic Tape Roll or Flat Strip -- Which One is Better?


Magnetic Tapes are available in two forms,  roll or strip. Although both have similar use yet a flat strip works better than the roll.


A 'roll' of tape is bent into circle around the roll. The rolled magnetic tape does not stick to flat walls easily. It maintains the bent rolled shape for a long time, therefore peels off from the wall quickly.


On the other hand, the magnetic strips are never bent. They come in flat strips due to which they stick to the surface better and grip the wall stronger!


NextClimb's Strong Flat Magnetic Strips


For a stronger grip, NextClimb has now introduced its very own strong magnetic tape. It does not come in a typical roll but a flat strip that sticks with any surface smoothly. It is flexible and sticks well to a flat or curved surface.


Not just that, our 3m magnetic tape is made of top-quality materials. The thick magnet used for the tape is strong enough to hold the object for long. Although it is thick, yet you can cut it in any shape you want. Nextclimb also uses strong adhesive that helps the magnetic strip to stay mounted on any surface.


With all the magnetic tapes around, NextClimb Magnetic Strip is the best of its kind because of the following reasons:



The NextClimb Strong Magnetic Strips have improved the strength of both the adhesive and the magnet. Heavy-duty 2mm rubber magnets have been combined with trusted and strong 3M adhesive tape to create a lightweight magnetic strip tape that will fulfill all your needs. Measures 1 in. wide x 5.8 in. length x 2mm thick.


adhesive magnetic tape strip amazon




Most magnetic strips are sold in a roll, which permanently curves the magnet. NextClimb’s adhesive magnets are sold in strips to ensure the magnet will stay flat and adhere to surfaces longer.


adhesive magnetic tape strips amazon




Strips can be used to hold light items using the adhesive backing or turn it around to hold small magnetic products. The choice is yours! The adhesive sticks great on plastic, metal, concrete, tiles, and more.



Magnetic tape strips are the perfect solution for home, business, or school. Hang postcards, calendars, and important back to school information on the refrigerator, display kid’s art and crafts in the classroom, or mount temporary notices at the workplace. The possibilities are endless!


SIMPLIFY YOUR ORGANIZATION: De-clutter your life by using the magnetic strips to keep things in their place, whether it’s on your desk or around the home. Each pre-cut strip can easily be cut further to a smaller size so it can accommodate a variety of uses.



So what are you waiting for? Follow NextClimb Store on Amazon and add this awesome product to your cart now!

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