NextClimb's Glow in The Dark Ceiling Stars With 10X More Glow and Longevity NextClimb

NextClimb's Glow in The Dark Ceiling Stars With 10X More Glow and Longevity

Glow in The Dark Ceiling Stars

Not everything that shines is gold, yet it does grasp your attention! This is why kids are the ones who love glowy things around.


Decoring a home is a tiresome task that needs attention to detail. Though it is quite easier when you are decorating a part of your house for yourself or an adult as you have a clear idea of what is wanted. But room decor for kids is never easy, especially if you are not an expert designer. You have to take a lot of smart decisions to make sure the decor is not just for aesthetic purpose but for your child's learning too.


The cheapest, easiest, and quickest thing that you can do with the kids' room is to modify the walls. You can do it by pasting stickers, maps, or something attractive to grasp everyone's attention, like the glow stars.


What are glow stars?


Glow stars are glow in the dark stickers best suited for kids’ room decoration. Just put the glow stars on the ceiling or wall, and they will glow, decorating the room in darkness.


What are they made of?


The glow in the dark stars are usually made of plastic containing a phosphorescence material that makes them glow in darkness.


How to Use them?


Most of the glow stars are adhesive, which means you can peel off the cover at the back and stick them wherever you want. Others are glued manually on the ceilings with an adhesive putty.


Problems with glow stars available on Amazon


The glow stars are bought for the sole purpose: to glow in the darkness. But some glow in the dark star stickers have the following problems:


  • They don't glow very brightly.
  • They don't glow very long.


The reason behind this is the use of the same old zinc sulfide in the glow stars which was used decades ago. Although zinc sulfide is considered as the best chemical phosphorescent pigment, its glow does not last longer and ultimately turns dim early. It is used by most of the companies because it is inexpensive and easily available.


NextClimb's Glow in the Dark Ceiling Stars


Here at NextClimb, customer satisfaction is our top priority. From packaging to product quality, every product is top-notch.


Our newly introduced glow in the dark stars range is what you won't find somewhere else. Let us have a look at the qualities we have in store:


Brighter and Stronger Than Ever!

Next Climb’s 100-Pack glowing stars use a unique proprietary mix of high-quality chemicals created in a custom mold and includes reflective backing. This means our stars are 10X stronger and brighter than your typical bedroom glow star. Making our glow in the dark star stickers perfect for your kids' room decor and ceiling. Get the brightest light for the night, tonight, with NextClimb!

Glow in The Dark Ceiling Stars


Quick, Easy, And Effortless to Stick on Your Wall

Follow our 4 simple steps to having a sparkling night around your child's bed. Place decals under lamp for 3 minutes, peel them off, place it onto the flat surface of your choice, and then darken the room completely. Watch your room shine to life, ever so bright, tonight!

Glow in The Dark Ceiling Stars


Long Lasting with A Creative Choice of Sizes

We use just the right amount of special chemicals in our mixture to ensure a long-lasting shine together with a powerful glow. Giving you a mighty bright shine, for longer. Never worry about fading, dimming stars again. Our glow in the dark ceiling stars come in a pack of 100 with large, medium, and small-sized stars, letting you get creative with your constellation. Try NextClimb's ceiling stars today!

Glow in The Dark Ceiling Stars


Simple Storage with Convenient Carrying Pouch

Neatly store unused stars and putty for later. Slip it discreetly into your cupboard, drawer, or even underneath your bed! Decorate, redecorate, or give these stars as a gift!


Complete 100% Money Back Guarantee

We're so confident in our glow in the dark ceiling decorations and glow stickers that if you're dissatisfied in any way, we offer a no questions asked 100% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee. Not only this, but you get our complete customer support around the clock too.



With an extra high concentration of chemical mixture into the stars plastic, NextClimb Glow Stars glow brighter and longer, just like twinkling stars in the sky. And also, with a 100% money-back guarantee, what is holding you back from giving them a try?


Head over to NextClimb Store and buy the best quality glow stars on Amazon right now!

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