The Best Toxin-Free Egg Shaker Toy on Amazon NextClimb

The Best Toxin-Free Egg Shaker Toy on Amazon

What are Shaker Toys?


The earliest toy that almost every one of us held with our baby hands is the Shaker Toy. These toys produce musical sound when shaken that soothes the babies. Therefore, present age parents also love to buy the musical shakers for their toddlers. 


Historical Background of Shakers


The shaker toys (commonly known as rattles) date back to 2200 BC and the archaeologists label them as the oldest children's toy. The common similarity of the modern-day shaker toys with the earliest rattles is not just the shape but the use of pebble stones and tiny ornaments inside the sealed toy as well. 


Characteristics of Musical Shaker Toys


Material: Each musical shaker toy has an outer covering and inner rattling material. The outer covering can be made of wood, cloth, metal, or plastic while the inner rattling material may contain pellets made of marble, stone, or even lead. 


Sound: The shaker toys make sound or noise when shaken. The sound they produce depends upon the texture of the shaker. Wooden shakers produce dull sound while jingling or bell type sound can be heard by shaking the metallic ones. 


Outlook: The shakers or rattles come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. They may come in the shape of animals, flowers, food items, or musical instruments. They are bright in color to attract babies. The most common rattles nowadays are the Musical Egg Shakers. 


Musical Egg Maracas:


Egg Maracas are the hand percussion instruments used by musicians, but they are also widely used as a fun toy for kids. These Egg Shaker Toys when designed for children need to be hazard-free in order to ensure the safety of younger ones. For this, we suggest you to buy the toxin-free NextEgg Shakers from NextClimb Store. 


NextEgg Shaker Toy by NextClimb Store


Keeping in view the need of parents regarding high demand for rattles, NextClimb Store is proud to announce their baby musical toys in the shape of eggs. These Musical Egg Maracas are parents’ number one choice for their children because they are made up of toxic-free material.


Our NextEgg shakers are useful to parents because firstly, these toys keep the children busy and amused, and secondly, shakers are important to build-up children’s reflexes and motor skills as well. You will find our Musical Eggs not just appealing because of their attractive outlook but also for the surety they provide for child safety.


Ordinary Egg Shaker Toys and their Risks


Musical egg shakers are sold by several toy manufacturing companies because they are always in high demand by parents. But most of the shaker toys are made of materials that are not safe for child use. 



Following are some of the risks related to common musical shaker toys available in the market:


  • The outer cover of some of the egg shaker toys is made of hard metal which can injure babies.¬†
  • Heavy shaker toys are impossible for children to lift.¬†
  • The shakers made of plastic are somewhat easier for toddlers to play with but are made of low-quality plastic that contains BPA which in turn causes serious health issues (even cancer).¬†
  • Some egg shakers contain metal pellets (made of lead) that are dangerous for health. If the eggshell breaks due to poor quality, the toddler might swallow the pellet which can be fatal.¬†


NextEgg Shakers are the only Kid-safe Toys on Amazon


NextClimb Store understands the necessity of designing quality products for its customers. But for kids, we are extra careful of not selling any product that is unsafe for them. Therefore, our NextEgg shakers give parents great peace of mind due to their following qualities:


  1. Lightweight: 


Our Musical Egg Shakers are lightweight for kids that provide them the ease of grasping and playing. 


  1. BPA Free Plastic


The plastic we use for the shells of shaker eggs is BPA free. By this, we ensure that the infants are not exposed to the harmful impacts of Bisphenol-A that causes serious dangers to a child's brain and behavior development. 


  1. Strong Shell Covering 


The shell covering of NextEgg shaker is too strong to break. Babies can put them in the mouth or throw them anywhere without causing any breakage to the toys. 


  1. Non-Toxic Pellets 


Keeping in mind the safety of children, we detest the use of metal pellets. Instead, we use dried beans inside the NextEgg shaker to produce musical sounds. If the toy eggshell breaks, the child will never be exposed to pellets made of lead or any other hazardous metal. 


  1. Clear plastic eggs


Our NextEgg shakers are made up of clear plastic so that parents can make sure that there is no harmful material used inside but only naturally dried beans. 


  1. Without Inked Label


Most of the companies put inked labels on their shakers with ultimately stain the hands of babies, risking them to consume the ink as well. For this reason, NextClimb being the only child-safe store on Amazon does not stamp the brand name on the eggs.


We can deliver both transparent (see-through) and opaque shells as per your request. Get your hands on the favorite musical toy of your child in attractive colors and packs of 3, 6, or 12.


We love children and ensure that our product is safe for your younger ones. So, trust us with our kids-safe toy and watch your tiny-person grow into an intelligent human being. 


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