The Best Magnetic Vent Covers - The Ultimate Choice for Home-Decor Enthusiasts NextClimb

The Best Magnetic Vent Covers - The Ultimate Choice for Home-Decor Enthusiasts

If you're reading this blog then you must have a number of vents in your home or office that need to be completely covered. For sure, you need magnetic vent covers that not only seal your vents completely but cut down the cost of energy bills as well.


Above all, being a home decor enthusiast you can never compromise on the beauty of your living space. You're always looking for vent covers that are not only pocket-friendly but enhance the beauty of your home as well.


NextClimb is the only store that will keep your vent related needs covered! Our super strong magnetic vent covers will stay on the vents and never blow away with the gush of air. So what else do they have in store? Let's have a deeper look.


Normal Vent Covers:


Many companies in the market sell magnetic vent sheets. The magnetic vent covers by Home-Depot, Lowe's, and Walmart only offer a limited range of colors, usually white. These vent covers will match your floor or side walls only if they are white too.


To cover this up, you only have the option of painting the covers with desirable color so that it matches your home decor. But painting magnetic covers has quite a nightmarish result. Vent covers need to be easy to clean but painting them adds unwanted thickness with a more dust attracting surface.


Moreover, the paint on magnetic vent covers will always chip off whenever you bend the magnet, and do you actually have a bucket of paint that matches your ceiling, wall, or floor?


Due to all these problems, you certainly need magnetic vent covers that don’t need to be painted to blend in!


NextClimb's Colorful Range of Magnetic Vent Covers


With a wide range of colors and sizes, NextClimb Magnetic Vent Covers are the only vent covers that fulfill your needs. We offer a variety of colors that complement every floor and wall.


So let us have a look at the colors in our store:


Woodgrain magnetic vent cover

Do you have your vent on a wooden panel floor? Woodgrain magnetic vent cover is the best choice for it.


White magnetic vent covers

White magnetic vent covers look best on ceilings and walls that are all painted white.


Brown magnetic vent covers

Brown magnetic vent covers can be used to hide vents on brownish surfaces.


Black magnetic vent covers

Black magnetic vent covers go well with furnace vents without making them stand-out.


Beige magnetic vent covers

Beige colored magnetic vent covers look equally good on floors and walls with a creamy surrounding.


Grey magnetic vent covers

Choose our grey magnetic vent covers for your ceiling, floor, and wall air registers to match the surrounding color tone.


Not only this but our magnetic vent covers are also available in sizes that will cover any vent, anywhere. The sizes available are  5.5" x 12", 8.5" x 15" and Size 12" x 12". So choose your favorite color by visiting NextClimb Store and buy the strongest magnetic vent cover right now!

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