Picking up the Correct Vent Cover Size for HVAC Vents: NextClimb's Step by Step Guide NextClimb

Picking up the Correct Vent Cover Size for HVAC Vents: NextClimb's Step by Step Guide

What are Vents? You might have seen a number of vents in your home or office. These vents are a crucial part of a building's HVAC System. 


What's their purpose? The purpose of these vents is to maintain a suitable and comfortable indoor heating and cooling environment throughout the year. 



Problems with Unused Vents:

What will happen when you don't need them in certain rooms of your house during a particular season? Following are the possibilities:


  • Open and unused vents will get blocked due to accumulation of dirt and dust.¬†
  • Open vents in an unattended room will still work increasing the cost of the consumer bills.¬†
  • Unused/open vents never look good.¬†


What to do with the unused vent? Of course, you want to cover it up. The air vent covers are specifically designed to open or close the vents when needed. You can find a number of vent covers online and in physical stores to buy. But certainly, you will find it difficult to purchase them when you do not have any idea of the basic characteristics of your vents. 


Worry not because NextClimb Store has your step by step guide in choosing the best vent cover that fulfills your needs. 


In this blog, we are going to tell you how to choose a perfect sized cover to hide the unused vents. So hurry up and keep your notes ready! 


Below are the steps to follow while measuring the size of your vent. 


  1. Get a Measuring Tape:

The second step is to get a measuring tape or a scale or any available measurement instrument.


  1. Measure the Register Dimensions

Measure the length and height of the register on your floor, wall, or ceiling in inches. (Not the size of the opening the register fits into)


  1. Match the Size

Match the size of your duct opening with the vent cover you wish to purchase. The size of the vent cover should match the exterior dimensions of the metal vent register. 


  1. You're good to go

Look for your desired vent cover. Make sure it has the qualities of a perfect vent cover and don't think twice about purchasing it. 



Where to find good vent covers? 

That is the question that must be striking your mind right now. And again, NextClimb Store is here to help you out. 


NextClimb Vent Covers have a strong magnetic power that seals the vents perfectly. Furthermore, these magnetic vent covers come in sizes that easily fit in the floor's opening duct. 


Following are the NextClimb Magnetic Vent Cover sizes available on Amazon:


Size 5.5" x 12"

These extra magnetic vent covers are for floor vents. They can be used for RV, Home HVAC, AC and Furnace Vents. They come in a pack of 3 in 8 different colors to match your floor. 



Size 8.5" x 15" 

These extra magnetic floor vent covers have double thick magnets for RV, Home HVAC, AC and Furnace Vents. They are available in four different colors to suit your floor. 


Size 12" x 12"

This is the largest size available in the magnetic vent covers, best suited for all floor vents including RV, Home HVAC, AC and Furnace. 1 Pack of Size 12" x 12" comes in 8 different colors of your choice. 



Why choose NextClimb Vent Covers? 

You can trust NextClimb Vent Covers due to the following benefits they provide:


-      Sits and stays in place:

Due to extra magnetic power, you don't have to worry about the cover not sticking properly.


-      Fits exactly:

The three different sizes available fit perfectly on almost all standard air registers and fireplace vents. 


-      Saves Electricity:

Our Magnetic Vent Covers seal the airflow completely thus helping in cutting off the cost of the electricity bill. 


-      Customize your size:

You can easily cut the size of the cover in case our sizes don't fit your vents. 


-      Colorful Vent Covers 

We sell magnetic vent sheets in White, Brown, Beige, Woodgrain, and Black color that complement your floors. 


-      Ease of installation 

You can easily install and remove the magnetic vent covers anytime, anywhere due to their magnetic property. 


Now that we have guided you, feel free to buy the genuine Magnet Vent Covers by NextClimb Store on Amazon and you won't regret it! 

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