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More Profitable Wholesale Products

Margins can be thin in wholesale. How can you increase them?


One way is brute force negotiation. Try to work your suppliers down a few pennies everywhere you can. But, will they like you for it?


Improving logistics efficiency is another option, but once you're shipping full containers from an overseas aggregation warehouse to your own location in the USA, what more can you do?


There is a better option : Increase the retail value of the product, while keeping the manufacturing costs almost the same.


But... can you buy the same wholesale products while selling them for a higher price?


Nobody wants to buy the same product for a higher price, so this isn't feasible.


Instead, you need a wholesale partner who can sell you products for the same price as other wholesalers... but that you can resell for a much higher retail price.


Take for example, these wholesale products sold by NextClimb.




Each of these products has been improved based on what customers truly care about, so you can sell them for a higher price than similar "normal" versions of the product sold by other wholesalers.


  1. NextClimb shelf liners are extra thick so that they slip less than other shelf liners.
  2. NextClimb powder puffs are extra large to make makeup application easier.
  3. NextClimb restaurant baskets are extra large so they can hold a full meal, instead of just a few fries.


So what?


Selling for 2x the normal retail price is what!!


C'mon... do these small product improvements mean customers will see 2x as much value, and be happy to pay twice as much to invest in a "better" product?


Is it really true that retail customers will pay twice as much for these products that you can buy at normal wholesale prices?


Yes. Yes it does.


How do we know?


Because we're selling these products retail every single day on


Check the competition, and you'll see that our prices are routinely 2x other sellers on the market... which means you can sell for twice the normal price in your retail location, too!


Best of all... we keep innovating. You'll have first-in-line access to what's "hot" today... and every day in the future.


No other store in town will ever catch up, and they'll wonder how you keep having the best merchandise in your shop.


Customers will remember that you had the best product, too, and they'll keep coming back.


Send us a message, or get a free sample shipped to you in a few clicks.


Buy from the wholesaler who cares about your customers.


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