Resizing Standard Magnetic Vent Covers - Dos and Don'ts NextClimb

Resizing Standard Magnetic Vent Covers - Dos and Don'ts

Historical Background of Air Ducts


The history of air ducts dates back to 700 AD when Chinese and Greeks started using chimneys and flues to keep their buildings warm. This continued till 300 AD and then Romans developed the first central heating system. But what about the countries with very hot weather? It is said that ancient Egyptians used to hang wet reeds near the windows to keep their indoors cool. The wind passing through wet reeds cooled the rooms by the process of evaporation. These processes, although quite different, laid the basis of central heating and cooling.


HVAC System in today's world


The Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) is a central heating and cooling system for residential and commercial areas. HVAC uses fresh outside air to produce a comfortable indoor environment. If your home has a central heating and cooling system then you must be aware of the ducts running through your house. The ducts transport the cold and hot air while this air enters and exits the ducts through another important component, known as vent.


Vents and Vent Covers


Vents being the most highlighted part of the HVAC system are found everywhere, in the floor, wall and ceiling. These vents are always protected with vent covers. Vent covers play an important role in ventilation of air coming out of the ducts. Furthermore, the choice of vent cover determines the cost of the electricity bill you pay and how comfortable your indoor environment is.


The basic vent covers are made of metal grates. Although helpful in directing air out of vents, they're never appealing to the eyes. Basic vent covers are inexpensive and can be painted to match the surrounding color.


To enhance the beauty of your home, decorative vent covers are also widely available. These are expensive and do not cover the unused vents properly.


The most effective vent covers in terms of sealing the vents properly are the magnetic vent covers. They are the top priority of home owners for these help cut down the cost of bills. Before buying, make sure that your existing vent registers are made of metal.


NextClimb's Magnetic Vent Covers with a wide range of colors and sizes to tackle your needs


NextClimb is an e-commerce brand that specializes in finding innovative solutions for simple every-day products. We have a clear idea of how difficult it is to choose the right magnetic vent cover that has all the qualities that you need.


Colors: Keeping the needs of our customers in mind, NextClimb Magnetic Vent Covers are available in colors like Brown, Beige, Woodgrain, White, and Black that will surely match your surrounding.


Sizes: Also, NextClimb magnetic vent covers are available in different sizes that'll match your vents of any length and width. We offer three different sizes that are a perfect fit for any kind of vent or air register. The following sizes are available on Amazon:


Size 5.5" x 12"


Size 8.5" x 15"


Size 12" x 12"



In case, you're not sure about the size of your duct, read the step by step guide by NextClimb on how to measure the correct size of your vents.


Can I cut the magnetic vent covers to resize them?


The standard sizes available at NextClimb Store can work for all types of vents so you don't need to cut them. Each vent cover i.e for floor, wall, or ceiling has its own specification and it might or might not be feasible for cutting. Let us look at the details.


Floor Vent Covers: YES The covers for floors are only a simple sheet of magnet. It is quite easy to cut them for resizing.



Wall Vent Covers: SOMETIMES The covers for walls have a thick frame. The frame sometimes is very wide so you can cut it a bit. Be careful to not cut too much as it may damage the shape and would become difficult to cover the vent.



Ceiling Vent Covers: NO These vent covers have a thin frame. The frame isn’t wide enough to cut it. Cutting the frame will make the cover too thin and won't block the air anymore.


Also, NextClimb Magnetic Vent Covers are extra thick and strong so cutting them with scissors may not be very easy. Not to comprise upon the quality, we have used magnetic sheets with dual strength in three different sizes to fit all standard air registers and vent.


So visit the NextClimb Store on Amazon today, don't hesitate to surf our huge collection and buy what suits you and your home the best!

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