The Best Bota Bag With A Comfortable, Adjustable Shoulder Strap


If you are reading this blog, then there are chances you already know what bota bags are. In this case, you must have bought one leading to two scenarios: either you bought it, liked it, and want to purchase it again or you are still looking for a good bota bag available on Amazon.


Bota Bag


Bota bag, traditionally known as leather wineskin is a liquid storing canteen best suited for long-distance adventures.


The use of bota wine bags records back to Spaniards where this liquid receptacle held great significance. But it is said to be descended from Ancient Greek Civilization where wine was conserved in the leather wineskin made out of the goats sacrificed in the name of gods.


However, no matter what culture it is famous in, the basic and only use of the bota bags is to store any liquid in order to keep it safe during long travels.


Traditional vs Modern Bota Bags


Although the usage is still similar, there is a slight difference between the Traditional Spanish Wineskins and Modern Bota Bags.


The traditional bota bags were used by shepherds and travelers to transport wine from one place to another during their long journeys. It was made from two pieces of goat's hide perfectly hemmed together while the inside was sealed with resins so that the leather would not affect the taste of wine.


The modern bota bags are also made of goat skins except the interior which is lined with latex in a way that it can store any liquid, not just wine.


Uses of Bota Bags:


Following are the uses of bota bags:

  • Can hold any type of liquid
  • Keeps the liquid inside fresh for a long time
  • Light-weight to carry to long distances
  • Has a red cord to carry it conveniently
  • The inside resin protects the liquid inside from harsh temperature


When to use Bota Bags?

The bota bags are best suited to be used:

  • To take water for adventurous trips to far furlong areas, hiking, climbing heights, camping, and cycling.
  • To keep cold drinks during get-togethers, barbecues, or any social gathering
  • To store wine and cocktails during parties or on a beach day
  • By shepherds when they are out in the mountains


Problems hikers face with bota bags widely available on Amazon:

Amazon offers bota bags ranging from different shapes, colours, and sizes. All the Amazon’s bota bags sellers claim to offer the best quality service yet there bota bags do have the following problems causing annoyance during hiking:

  • The bota bag is not leak-proof.
  • The red strap is not perfect for hiking.


If you are a hiking enthusiast, then you know how it feels if you run into above-mentioned problems mid-way. The cheap liner used by most of the companies will cause the bota bag to leak within a few weeks or sometimes within a few hours!


On the other hand, even if the bota bag is leak proof, its red thin strap will still cause discomfort while holding it around your shoulder making your hiking experience miserable.


But every problem does have a cure, right? Your favorite NextClimb Store offers the best quality leather bota bags on Amazon that will make your hiking experience a lot more enjoyable.


What's New With NextClimb Bota Bags?


No More Leaking Problem

Unlike the ordinary bota bags, NextClimb bota bag is made with premium quality leather cover and extra solid polyethylene flask liner. No matter how long the journey is or for how long you want to store any liquid, our bota bag NEVER LEAKS!


No More Uncomfortable Shoulder Strap

While hiking or traveling long distances, you know how it feels if the shoulder strap of the bota bag is not comfy. Most of the companies sell bota bag with a strap which is red, thin, and feel hard like a rope. Holding such a strap for a longer time will cause discomfort or may even cause a wound.


NextClimb Store has now introduced Bota Bags with thick and brown strap which is comfortable around the shoulder. The strap is long enough and you can adjust it as per your need.


Other than these, NextClimb Bota Bags also offer the following benefits:

  • Genuine leather pouch cover
  • Authentic Spanish Wineskin Feel
  • Convenient Sports Cap
  • Gives your beverage a long-lasting fresh taste



On top of all, NextClimb is also offering money-back guarantee on its bota bags! So don't waste your time looking for other options and book your NextClimb bota bag on Amazon now!

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