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Superhero Party Decorations - Cutouts May Arrive Bent Or Broken


If you want to have a superhero themed birthday party, you may decide to look for decorations on Amazon. (It's where most of us start our buying journey, isn't it?)


Maybe you're looking for Batman, Superman, Flash, Incredible Hulk decorations.


A favorite will always be the popular signs Kapow! Pow! Boom! Wham! Zap! Bam! that we all remember from popular comic books.


These signs make great party decorations, especially if you're taking pictures in a photo booth of you and your friends. (Or, your child with his or her friends.)


But, there's a problem. If you're buying these cutouts on Amazon... you can't inspect them until they arrive at your house!


And, you know what? Because these signs are cut from cardboard and the edges are quite jagged... the jagged edges and points on the cardboard are damaged.


This means, while the colors on the "BAM!" sign are quite bright, the sign itself appears to have been WHAM-ed a few times itself in shipping.



This is why these signs are shipped without being removed from their cardboard exteriors. This protects the edges so that they look sharp and well-defined.




Whereas previously, you have have decided against ordering superhero decorations on Amazon because they may arrive damaged, you now don't need to worry.


You don't need to make your own diy superhero decorations in fear that those bought online will be in poor condition.


Buying superhero party supplies has never been easier. (And yes, they are available on Amazon.)





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