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Taco Stands Are Often Too Small For Tacos

Taco stands are used to hold tacos while you’re filling them. By placing a taco in the stand, you can use both hands to add cheese, meat, guacamole, and other fillings without worrying that the taco will fall over.


Some stands are made of metal, while others are made of plastic.


But, there’s a problem with most taco stands. They’re too small!


Most taco stands are 2.5 inches tall, and that’s not really big enough for a normal sized hard shell taco. (Not to mention a BIG tortilla like a Mission brand tortilla.)


The solution of course: Bigger Taco Stands!


An extra large taco stand, like these sold on Amazon, is a whopping 5 inches tall!


That extra large 5 inch size allows for holding hard shell tacos, with no chance of falling. It’s actually so tall, that you can even fit Mission brand tortillas in the stand and cook them to nice crispy tacos in the oven, if you want to.


5 inches is a huge taco stand, and you can get yours today on Amazon here.


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