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Ways Your Library Can Use Musical Egg Shaker Toys

Rattles and other hand percussion instruments are everyone's childhood favourite. Among all the other toys, these musical toys are still popular in the younger age group who love holding them in their tiny hands. These toys are a great reason to develop love and learning of music.


One of the famous types of rattles is the musical egg shaker toys that are easy to grip and shake. Their outer casing is egg-shaped which is partially filled with seeds or beads that make a percussive sound on beating.


Musical Egg Shakers in Libraries


Egg shakers were originally famous in Latin America and are now popular everywhere in the USA including public, elementary, and primary school libraries coming under American Library Association.


Today, egg shakers are widely used by every library assistant to make their story-time and music time events more fun for young students. They might look simple but give an immense source of satisfaction and comfort with just a shake. Research shows that egg shakers along with other percussive instruments help the young library visitors in:

  • Improved attention and focus
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Improved listening skills
  • Lowered aggression and frustration
  • Developed self-control and patience
  • Increased creativity and decreased destructive energy



Ways to Use Egg Shakers in Library


Egg shakers might look tiny but can be used in a lot of different ways within the library:

  • Easy-to-play instrument during "Music Time" events. Give them to the kids and let them shake and shake on their favourite rhymes.
  • Use them to remind kids to stay quiet, without needing to raise your voice. A little shake is always better than a loud shriek.
  • Give them as a gift to parents. Now that many kids are stuck at home due to Covid-19, help them stay connected with the library in the form of this beautiful gift.
  • Give egg shakers to the kids who finish reading a book as a reward. This will motivate them to read more and more books and will result in building strong reading.


You can also try the following games: 


  • Make the students sit in a circle while one of them holding the egg shaker sits in the middle. Play a rhyme and when the music stops, the child sitting in the middle will give the shaker to some other student who will now sit in the middle.
  • Ask the students to stand at a distance. Give egg shakers to each of them and play the music. Make every student dance while shaking their shakers.
  • Place a basket of multi-coloured egg shakers near a group of 3 students. Name them a colour, for example, 'yellow', and tell them that the kid collecting the higher number of yellow-coloured eggs in 30 seconds will be the winner.


Where to Find the Best Egg Shakers?


Egg shakers have a lot of benefits but sadly, not all of them are safe to be used in public libraries or elementary/primary school libraries where a library assistant has to make sure the safety of every child. As the libraries have to buy bulk egg shakers in a single go, therefore they must check that the eggs are kid-safe as well as economical.


NextClimb is proud to sell its NextEggs which have a number of benefits:



One of the best things about these egg shakers is that they contain dried beans only! They are so safe that you could open the eggs and cook the beans for your dinner. If the sturdy plastic does break, you can rest assured that there are only all-natural contents inside. Though it’s still important to keep these small parts away from curious mouths if the eggs were to open.



The plastic shell is BPA-free and made from ABS plastic. This means that little learners have no risk of absorbing BPA, whilst also playing with a much more durable plastic that is less likely to break. We can rest easy whilst the students are throwing the shakers around the library room!



Most egg shakers have a logo or some sort of branding printed onto the outer case. NextEgg egg shakers have no branding printed on the toy to ensure that there is no ink to slowly rub off onto kids' hands and be ingested by them.



The eggs are CHEAPER because they can be bought in bulk (120-pack, 240-pack, 480-pack, and 960-pack) for prices that are half the retail price on Amazon.com.


So don't wait and get the best NextEggs for your library now!



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