Wholesale Egg Shakers For Libraries - Kid-Safe Egg Shakers Librarians Love (BPA-Free Plastic And NO Metal Pellets) NextClimb

Wholesale Egg Shakers For Libraries - Kid-Safe Egg Shakers Librarians Love (BPA-Free Plastic And NO Metal Pellets)

Music time at the library is more fun with simple instruments that kids can play without too much practice.
Egg shakers, and other shaker toys generally, are great choices. Kids can jump to the music, shake to the beat, and play with their friends at the same time.
But, you need to watch out for the safety of the children in your library. Their parents want to know it's a safe environment for their children to play and have fun.
And, this can be a little problem when it comes to egg shakers (and other similar musical toys, like maracas) because some egg shakers contain metal pellets.
If the eggs are made with inexpensive, brittle plastic (like Easter eggs) then they're also very likely to break when dropped or even held too firmly.
Metal pellets can spill all over the floor, and you do not want a group of children to even have the opportunity to put these unknown metal pellets into their mouthes.

Solution? Egg shakers with kid-safe beans!

Egg shakers with beans inside are kid-safe, even if they break open and spill all over the library floor.
You'll never have worried parents scrambling to pick up metal pellets for you, before their curious kid reaches for them!
There's another small problem that you as a librarian face that parents with just 1-3 kids doesn't have.

You need a lot of musical egg shakers to host a "Music Time at the Library" event.

You don't just need one dozen eggs. You need 100+ eggs!
Buying this many eggs at retail prices, like those found on Amazon, gets unnecessarily expensive.
When buying in bulk, your library should get a discount! (Shipping a big box of egg shakers is much cheaper than shipping many small packages of egg shakers to individual customers.)
Well, you've got a solution for that as well. Wholesale bulk pricing!
Better yet, this price includes shipping, so what you see is what you pay.
You don't need a complicated "wholesale account" setup. Just go through a normal online purchasing checkout.
Click here to see the deeply discounted egg shaker toys available to librarians, only from nextClimb.
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