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Wool Antistatic Dryer Balls

Wool dryer balls are big balls of wool that you put into the clothes drying machine. These balls help clothes dry faster, and help keep clothes from clumping together in the machine. (If they clump together, they cannot dry quickly.)


What problems do wool dryer balls have?


Normal dryer balls do not help reduce static cling in the drying machine. Like microfiber, certain materials will cling to lace or fibrous materials, even when wool dryer balls used. Usually, clothes in the drying machine have a lot of static when they have done drying. It makes it very difficult to fold the clothes. Static electricity is terrible.


NextClimb has the solution to those problems:


NextClimb is the seller of the bigger, brighter, and better wool dryer balls. They are the natural, non-toxic fabric softener, and our softener balls perform at a higher level of efficiency than the other softeners on the market.


Our antistatic dryer balls have added antistatic material. We said this static reducing material (classified material) so that the dryer balls help remove static from clothes. While the clothes are drying in the clothes drying machine, the dryer balls remove all static. When the clothes have done drying, they do not have any annoying static cling.


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Benefits of NextClimb Knotties Dryer balls

  • Wool dryer balls are a natural, non-harmful fabric that liberated from fragrances. If you need to include smell, you can utilize a couple of drops of fundamental oils to modify your fragrance
  • Static development happens in the dryer because your clothes cling together. When you use non-toxic fabric softener wool antistatic balls, you're disposing of the requirement for chemical conditioner.
  • Our 100% antistatic wool balls absorb moisture, you won't have any static charge and your clothes will be new and sans wrinkle.
  • One of the most significant benefits of our company antistatic dryer balls is that they dry much more efficiently than sheets and liquid softeners.
  • You can use the same balls for years, which makes them very eco-friendly. Since they're chemical-free, they are a lot more friendly to the environment.


You and your family deserve nothing best with regards to the product you use in your home. At the point when you utilize antistatic wool dryer balls by NextClimb, you're getting the best available.


NextClimb sells 6-packs, 3-packs, and 1-packs of these antistatic dryer balls.


  • Colors: white and black (The white balls are 'normal' balls, and the black ball is the 'special antistatic' ball).
  • Made from 100% pure natural wool, no additives, no mixture, no chemical, no compound, suitable for babies and any skin. Keep your family healthy and safe.
  • 100% Biodegradable and Reusable for 1000+ loads. Extends the life of your clothing. One of the best zero waste products.
  • Our eco balls have antistatic features to provide your clothes to come out static-free.
  • Speeds up drying time by 20%-40%, saving money on electricity and dryer wear & tear.
  • 100% money-back guarantee. These are the original antistatic wool dryer balls on Amazon.


NextClimb has your back. Our balls are the greatest and best wool dryer balls you can get. Kiss your chemical-laden fabric agent good-bye. Our antistatic dryer balls are chemical-free, reusable, and they cut down on your drying time.


Order them individually or in packs of  six………………….Shop now!


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