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Fast Food Baskets - Large Size - 12" x 9" - Reusable Red Plastic Tray

Fast Food Baskets - Large Size - 12" x 9" - Reusable Red Plastic Tray

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Add a Splash of Fun to Your Feast with Our Vibrant Red Reusable Fast Food Baskets!

Are you tired of the same old boring serving trays that lack excitement and flair? Spice up your dining experience with our Fast Food Baskets in a sizzling shade of Red! These Large-sized 12" x 9" baskets are a whopping 30% bigger than the typical food service baskets, providing ample space for all your delectable delights.

Crafted from thicker, heavy-duty plastic, these baskets are built to last and can withstand the rigors of countless scrumptious servings. Worried about the post-feast clean-up? Fear not! Our trays are dishwasher-friendly or can be easily rinsed by hand, making them the perfect hassle-free choice for every gathering.

What's more, these baskets are stackable, ensuring efficient storage when not in use. Whether you're hosting a lively party or running a bustling restaurant, our vibrant Red Reusable Fast Food Baskets will effortlessly complement any theme, adding a touch of excitement to your presentation!


Product Specification

Measurement: 12 inches x 9 inches
Material: Polypropylene Plastic



Our 12" x 9" size baskets are a whopping 30% larger than any other food service basket out there! It's time to supersize your serving experience.

These baskets are built to withstand anything you throw at them (or in them). With thicker plastic and larger size, they are heavy-duty and ready for the toughest food battles. They'll stand strong, bite after bite!

Wave goodbye to greasy cleanup nightmares! Our baskets can be easily washed in the dishwasher or quickly rinsed by hand. Say hello to effortless cleaning and more time for fun!

These vibrant red baskets are the chameleons of the food world! They match any style, from Italian and Greek to French and Mexican. Add a touch of colorful flair to your table while complementing your style!

No need to worry about storage space! These clever baskets are stackable, saving valuable counter and storage cabinet real estate. They're the ultimate space-saving superheroes!

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