No More Static-Cling with NextClimb's Anti-Static Wool Dryer Balls on Amazon NextClimb

No More Static-Cling with NextClimb's Anti-Static Wool Dryer Balls on Amazon

Washing clothes is hard but waiting for washed clothes to dry properly is even harder. With the invention of technology, life has become really faster, and to cope with this fast pace, we need things in our life that are efficient and time-saving. But sometimes, a simple chore like drying clothes become so prolonged if you don't do it right. 


Considering all your worries, NextClimb Store is the ultimate life-saver. We have introduced our all-natural, cloth-drying 'Holy Grail' for the ladies and gentlemen of the house to make their clothes washing experience a lot more bearable! 


So, what have we launched? Let's get into details! 


Wool Dryer Ball


Wool dryer ball, as the name suggests, is a big ball made of wool that helps to make the drying process of machine dryer efficient. 


How Do You Use It? 


Wool Dryer Balls are quite simple to use. All you have to do is to take the ball and toss it in your dryer machine. 


How Does It Work? 


The reason why our clothes do not dry quickly is because they clump together in the dryer. Wool dryer balls keep the clothes within the dryer from clumping, and as a result the clothes dry quickly. 


Problems with the dryer balls widely available


To cope with the clothes drying problems, a lot of companies have come out with their wool drying balls. Although the usage of all types of dryer balls is the same, they come in a bad quality causing multiple problems. Some of them are stated below:


Clumping of clothes: The normal dryer balls do not help keep the clothes apart during the dry process, thus the clothes clump and take longer to dry.


Ineffective against static cling: Normal dryer balls are unable to remove the static-cling within the drying machine. Like microfiber, certain materials will cling to lace or fibrous material due to the build-up of electric charges. This problem cannot be solved with low-quality dryer balls.


They make clothes difficult to fold: Clothes with static cling are difficult to fold. Due to this, it becomes troublesome to arrange them in closets. 


Clothes cling to the body: One of the obvious effects of static electricity is that clothes cling to the body upon wearing which creates the feeling of uneasiness. 


These are all the problems with the normal drying balls that will make you think that these are totally ineffective and you're never getting rid of the aftereffects of static electricity. But wait, don't lose heart because your favorite NextClimb has something in store for you! 


How is NextClimb Anti-Static Wool Dryer Ball a Life Saver Option? 


Up till now, you might have tried a number of tips and tricks to get rid of clothes drying problems but none of them would be effective because you haven't tried our product specially designed for you! 


We have included Wool Dry Balls of two colors in our bundle: black and white. The 'white' balls will soften the clothes increasing their longevity while the power 'black' ball has the anti-static property that prevents the clothes from clinging. 



Apart from that, NextClimb Wool Dryer Ball is the number one option among all other dryers’ balls due to the following benefits:


  1. Easy to Use - You just have to toss a few white softening balls with a black anti-static one and see the magic happen! 


  1. Fights against Static-Electricity - Our Wool Dryer Ball is specifically designed to remove static-cling that will leave your clothes smooth, wrinkle-free and manageable. 


  1. Speeds up the drying process - NextClimb Wool Dryer Ball don’t let clothes cling. In this way the clothes dry faster without a drop of water in them. 


  1. Made up of Organic Material  - Wool Dryer Balls are made out of natural materials. We do not use any chemical or artificial additive which is thus safe for babies and all skin types. 


  1. Eco-friendly - Made from natural wool, our product is safe for the environment as it does not produce any harmful waste products. 


  1. Long-lasting  - NextClimb Wool Dryer Balls are recyclable, which means that you can use it for years and still they will provide the same best results. 


  1. Saves Electricity - Our product speeds the drying time by 40 percent. In this way, the cost of electricity is decreased and there is less workload on the dryer machine. 


  1. Without Synthetic Fragrance - We don't use any synthetic fragrance in our dryer balls as they may be toxic for health. Users can include smell by adding a few drops of fundamental oils for fragrance. 


Anndddd are you still thinking?


Listen to your heart and order your NextClimb Wool Dryer Ball set in the pack of 6, 3 or 1 right now on Amazon with a 100% money-back guarantee. 


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