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[Bundle] Luxury Red Carpet Runner Rug - 16.4 Feet - Premium Extra Thick Aisle Mat - With Non-Slip Spray

[Bundle] Luxury Red Carpet Runner Rug - 16.4 Feet - Premium Extra Thick Aisle Mat - With Non-Slip Spray

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Roll Out the Luxury - Make Your Guests Feel Like Royalty!

Step into the lap of luxury with our Luxury Red Carpet Runner Rug! Designed to make your guests feel like royalty, this elegant and captivating rug will elevate any event to new heights of sophistication. Featuring a generous length of 16.4 feet, our red carpet runner is crafted with premium quality and extra thickness for a truly lavish experience. But that's not all – we've taken extra measures to ensure it stays securely in place. With its non-slip rubber grip dots on the underside and an added non-slip spray, this carpet will remain firmly anchored, even during high-traffic events. No more worries about slips or awkward movements!

What sets our red carpet apart is its easy removal and floor-friendly design. Unlike other runners that can damage the floor underneath, our rug can be effortlessly rolled up and reused for your next fabulous party decor. Made from durable polyester material, it guarantees long-lasting performance, whether you're hosting an indoor gala or an outdoor extravaganza. Prepare to wow them with this exquisite addition to your event decor.

Package Includes:
Non-slip spray for secure placement


Product Specification

Size/Measurement: 5 meters long x 1 meter wide (16.4 feet long)
Color: Red
Material: Polyester



Make your guests feel like Hollywood royalty with our extra thick red carpet runner. It's not just soft under your feet; it's built to last, handling all the excitement without a single tear or rip. Get ready to dazzle your guests with our red carpet Hollywood style, party after party!

Our red carpet roll-out comes with a built-in non-slip rubber grip and an added dose of non-slip spray. So go ahead, dance the night away, and enjoy the fun without worrying about slips or slides, even during high-energy events!

Unique design allows easy removal without any damage to your floors. Roll it up, save it, and get ready to reuse it for your next fabulous bash! It's perfect for decking up your party decor or as a stunning red runner for your wedding walk.

Spills and dirt are no match for our polyester rug runner. Simply grab a damp cloth and mild detergent (if needed), and voila! It's as good as new. You can even toss it in the washing machine, and it'll come out shining like a star. Washing at low temperatures keeps it glowing for years!

Our aisle runner's durable material makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor events. From weddings to Christmas parties, roll out the red carpet and leave your guests awestruck with the VIP treatment they deserve!

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